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Indian South Africans - Timeline: 1900-1909 1900 The East London Mayor's Minute for 1899-1900 states that 1,000 refugees from war in the... read more
Indian South African Timeline: 1910 - 1919 1910 Public Servants Superannuating Act and Teachers Pensions Act. Discrimination against... read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1920-1929 1920 February, The Asiatic Inquiry Commission, headed by Sir Johannes Lange, is appointed to... read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1930-1939 1930 The Durban Municipality was a major employer of Indian labour, employing an average of 2 000... read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1940-1949 1940 January, A meeting is held between the Nationalist Bloc, Transvaal Indian Congress (TIC)... read more
Contents Introduction The concept of segregation Discriminatory legislation up to 1924 Political Legislation Economic Legislation... read more
By the time Harriet became General Secretary for the GWIU, Indian women started to enter the industry in significant numbers from 1960... read more
Members of the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS), such as Steven Friedman and Jeanette Curtis together with South... read more
During the 1920s, the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) - which changed its name to the African National Congress (ANC) in... read more
The First African Trade Union The Industrial Workers of Africa (the IWA) was the first African trade union in South Africa. It was formed... read more
The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) is a South African political organization, established by Chief Gatsha Buthelezi, which encouraged a... read more
Inqaba ya basebenzi, published in London by the Marxist Workers' Tendency of the African National Congress documents the workers' struggle... read more
The Institute for Industrial Education (IIE) was founded in Durban, in May 1973, to serve as a school for trade unionists of all races and... read more
The Institute of Industrial Education (IIE) was founded in Durban and held its inaugurating meeting on 30 May 1973.  Its objective was... read more
From the book: The Final Prize by Norman Levy Chapter 8 Into the Fifties: Defiance Mass trials and mass action characterised the next... read more