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United Democratic Front (UDF)

The United Democratic Front (UDF) was an anti-apartheid body that incorporated many anti-apartheid organisations. It was launched in 1983, in Mitchells Plain... read more
Different sections of the South African community reacted to the formation of the republic in different ways. The fact that the republic... read more
National Initiative for Reconciliation (NIR) is a network of Christian individuals, congregations and organisations working for justice,... read more
The involvement of China in South Africa’s struggle against Apartheid occurred in two different manners. Officially China had... read more
The first leader of the National Party (NP) became Prime Minister as part of the PACT government in 1924. The NP was the governing party of... read more
This article was written by Nicholas Reed and forms part of the SAHO and Southern Methodist University partnership project Women’s... read more
The United Women’s Organisation (UWO) was launched in April 1981 with 400 delegates from the Western Cape attending. Some of the... read more
Prior to Biko's inquest, magistrates had declined to examine the interrogation methods used, and had attributed detention deaths to natural... read more
The Empty or Vacant Land Theory is a theory was propagated by European settlers in nineteenth century South Africa to support their claims... read more
Death of a Revolutionary commemorates Samora Machel's life and examines the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death and acknowledges... read more
SACCAWU was founded as CCAWUSA (The Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union of South Africa) in 1975, with Emma Mashinini as the... read more
Adopted at the Congress of the People, Kliptown, on 26 June 1955 We, the People of South Africa, declare for all our country and the world... read more
Missionaries arrived in Pondoland in 1830 when Faku, the ruler of the Mpondo Kingdom from 1818 to 1867, allowed Wesleyan missionaries... read more
Prehistory of the Nelspruit area Prehistory of Southern Africa Lying just below the escarpment, Nelspruit is the capital of a region... read more
Introduction In 1948 with the election of the National Party and the enforcement of an Apartheid State, it took time for the world to take... read more
The Great Trek and the advent of the Mfecane The origins of the battle are a matter of considerable debate. The background to this event... read more
The San, the first people in South Africa The earliest hunter-gatherers in southern Africa were the San people. The San were also known as... read more
The 1980s was also a period of serious student protests and unrest. COSAS moved increasingly closer to liberation movements aligned to the... read more
On 17 March 1992, President Frederick Willem de Klerk announced the results of a referendum in which only white people were allowed to... read more
This list of banished people forms part of a bigger feature on Banishment in South Africa. table.tableizer-table {border: 1px solid #... read more
Due to the fact that Black People were detained in separate camps, the issue of Black Concentration Camps is dealt with in another... read more
After the fall of Port Natal Port Natal Andries Pretorius arrived from Graaff-Reinet. On 25 November 1838 Pretorius took over leadership as... read more