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2009 February 2009, the University of Limpopo in Limpopo Province experienced student protests concerning accommodation, National Student... read more
The Sweet Food and Allied Workers Union (SFAWU) was established in 1974 with the help of the Urban Training Project (UTP). Amongst its... read more
Muslims living in the Cape were granted religious freedom by July 1804 as Dutch authorities attempted to enlist their support in the face... read more
Background The establishment of the Teachers’ League of South Africa (TLSA) emerged out of increasing racial segregation in the Cape... read more
The Natal branch of the Textile Workers Industrial Union (TWIU) was central to the activity based at Bolton Hall. This majority Indian... read more
When the Union of South Africa was established in 1910, there was already a foundation for pass system. However, over time men and women... read more
The 1956 Women’s March in Pretoria, South Africa constitutes an especially noteworthy moment in women’s history. On 9 August 1956,... read more
The 1973 August TUCSA conference marked an important opportunity for the Council to become a representative worker organisation.  A... read more
The draft new constitution set out the new dispensation: a tricameral parliament, a state president with extended powers, and a president... read more
On 17 March 1992, President Frederick Willem de Klerk announced the results of a referendum in which only white people were allowed to... read more
The 52nd African National Congress (ANC) National Conference took place from 16 – 20 December 2007 at the University of Limpopo in... read more
The African People’s Democratic Union of Southern Africa (APDUSA) was launched in Duncan Village outside East London in March 1961.... read more
The African Students Association (ASA) was established on 17 December 1961 in Durban under the auspices of the banned African National... read more
Context As the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), founded in 1963, was established as a loose association of African states with limited... read more
The Afrikaanse Handelsinsituut (AHI – in English the Afrikaans Commercial Institute) was formed during WWII to create Afrikaner... read more