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This volume of Mafika Pascal Gwala Collected Poems by Mandla Langa and Ari Sitas is an important contribution to restore the power of the voice of one of  most influential poet and political... Read more
Alfred Temba Qabula was a writer, a worker leader and a proud migrant whose Africa was wrecked by capitalism, colonisation and racial domination. He was one of the 1980s cultural catalysts... Read more
The bird and the forest fly together. The workers, who have little to control, they find it in the union, they sit up and listen, and then the poet and the man, the one who is there the whole time,... Read more
This book by the distinguished Anti Apartheid activist Max Coleman is about the Cycle of Life: From birth, survival to development in Africa to-day against the backdrop of massive changes in the... Read more
This book recovers the lost history of colonial Algeria’s communist movement. Meticulously researched – and the only English-language book on the Parti Communiste Algérien (PCA), it... Read more
Michael Kitso Dingake was born in 1928. He joined the ANC in 1952 and served in various capacities in ANC structures.  Dingake went into hiding after the Rivonia arrests to lead the ANC underground... Read more
“Dr. A. B. Xuma was the most important black South African leader of the generation before Mandela, Tambo, and Sisulu. He also spent many years in the United States and had strong African-American... Read more
"Fanele Mbali was swept up in the high-tide of expectations following the 1961 launch of Mkhonto weSizwe (MK). He was among the generation of African youth who had grown up under the system of... Read more
Editor(s): Arianna Lissoni, Jon Soske, Natasha Erlank, Noor Nieftagodien, Omar Badsha Contributor(s): Arianna Lissoni, Crain Soudien, Hugh Macmillan, Ineke van Kessel, Joel Netshitenzhe, John S Saul... Read more
Final Prize book cover
Norman Levy entered liberation politics during the 1940s, finding his niche in the left wing of the liberation movement. As an active participant in the events that shaped the darkest and the most... Read more
Alexander Hepple (1904 - 83) was a Member of Parliament (1948 - 58) and Leader of the South African Labour Party who became the voice of the voteless black majority in the white parliament, at every... Read more
Cocktails of Liberty, the observations and recollections of a student activist at University of Western Cape in 1976, takes the reader on a dizzying journey into hearts, minds and deeds of students... Read more
A private collection assembled by Bruce Campbell Smith, exhibited at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town in 2004. The collection is unique and perhaps the most impressive of its kind... Read more
A coloured Life book cover
The document is an important one in the history of South Africa for it tells a story that needs to be told. What is commendably new (about the manner of telling the story) is that the method is that... Read more
Cape Flats Details Book Cover
This book is the culmination of 10 years of documenting life in the Cape Flats African and Coloured townships of Cape Town by one of South Africa’s most talented, but least recognized, documentary... Read more