Enuga Sreenivasulu Reddy

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Part of the book South Africa's Freedom Struggle:  A collection of statements, speeches and documents written/ ..read more
CHAIRMAN: I welcome Mr. Oliver Tambo and his friends, Mr. Thabo Mbeki and Mr. Aziz Pahad, and I am glad that they have ..read more
My first meeting with Sean MacBride I FIRST MET Sean at the headquarters of the International Commission of Jurists in ..read more
We are currently in Moscow as a delegation of the African National Congress which is here to hold discussions with the ..read more
[Telegram addressed to E.S. Reddy, Director of the Centre against Apartheid in the United Nations, for a special ..read more
Our bases are inside South Africa Question: Since the car bomb explosion in Pretoria there has been talk of a change of ..read more
Mr. President, Your Excellency Mr. Perez de Cuellar, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Your Excellency President ..read more
DEFIANCE CAMPAIGN IN SOUTH AFRICA, RECALLED By E.S Reddy The "Campaign of Defiance against Unjust Laws" - launched ..read more
Question: In the January 8 statement of the National Executive Committee this year, prominent mention is given to the ..read more
Paulette was very upset that the Belgian anti-apartheid movement was not invited to the strategy session of the Special ..read more


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