Enuga Sreenivasulu Reddy

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When Nelson Mandela walked out of the Victor Verster  prison on 11 February 1960, after 10,053 days of ..read more
NOTE I do not remember exactly how I got involved with the question of grants to NGOs by the UN Council for Namibia. A ..read more
NATO and South Africa In drafting resolutions on apartheid, I used to avoid any reference to NATO – though there ..read more
Question: At the end of August, the regime conducted its "elections" to the "Coloured" and Indian ..read more
[Dr. Jadwat is from Natal; probably from Isipingo and later Durban. He was a student at Sastri College in Durban. [A.I ..read more
International University Exchange Fund, its Rise and Demise In 1961, the Government of Norway, which had a special ..read more
Passive Resistance 1946 - A Selection of Documents, is a record of the second resistance movements waged by Indians in ..read more


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