Piet Retief

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Soon after the close of his correspondence with Lt.-Governor Stockenstrom, Piet Retief left this document behind when ..read more
Piet Retief's published manifesto, setting out the reasons for the Voortrekker's departure from the Cape ..read more
Certain historians have erroneously asserted the the Great Trek was motivated over the issue of the abolition of ..read more
Copy of the treaty allegedly signed by Dingaan and Retief ceding large tracts of the Zulu Kingdom to the Voortrekkers ..read more
The Great Trek and the advent of the Mfecane The origins of the battle are a matter of considerable debate. The ..read more
Dingane ka Senzangakhona was a younger son of Chief Senzangakhona. His mother, Mpikase, was Senzangakhona's sixth ..read more
Piet Retief was born on 12 November 1780 in the Wagenmakersvallei, (known as Wellington today), Cape Province. He was ..read more
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