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This timeline is NOT complete. Any omissions are unintentional as this timeline is a work in progress that will be ...read more
1881 15 August, Zaccheus Richard Mahabane is born in Thaba Nchu, Orange Free State (now the Free State Province). 1901 ...read more
1602 Chamber Representatives of the Netherlands Parliament grant a founding charter to the Dutch East India Company to ...read more
Late Pleistocene (Early and Middle Stone Age)                    800 ...read more
± 1000 BCE (Pre-colonial) Late Stone Age people (San/Tsam//Xam) teach their children how to hunt and gather ...read more
1650 Earliest known history - the Nqondo clan occupy the land now known as Cato Manor 1730 They are replaced by the ...read more
This period began with the intensification of the anti-pass campaign, which resulted in the banning of the ANC and the ...read more
1910 - 1919 1910 January 1, Indian Opinion reduced in size for financial reasons.  January 6, Rev. Charles ...read more
18 February The German colony of Cameroon falls to French and British forces after 17 months of fighting. 21 February ...read more