This period began with the intensification of the anti-pass campaign, which resulted in the banning of the ANC and the ...read more
In this period early African political organisations were formed; these organisations precipitated the formation of the ...read more
In the 1940s the ANC rejuvenated itself and began to work more closely with the SACP, putting behind the antagonistic ...read more
By the 1970s a number of leading figures in the ANC were in prison while others were in exile. Those that remained ...read more
2000 January, The partnership is formalized by South African National Aids Council (SANAC) to review its two years of ...read more
1884 Otto von Bismarck chairs the Berlin Conference to stem the scramble for Africa. Only Morocco, Ethiopia, and ...read more
1910 The establishment of the Union of South Africa consolidates white rule over the territories that came to be known ...read more
1920 The Housing Act is passed. This Act made funds available for the government to house the poor. “The resultant ...read more
1930 White women get the vote. This means in effect that the weight of the black vote is decreased from 3.1% to 1.4%. ...read more