1980 Kay Moonsamy was sent to India to replace Mosie Moolla, as ANC representative, for six months. 1983 December, 25 ...read more
1970 HA Naidoo passes away while still in exile. 17 February, APDUSA members, Armstrong Madoda, Gaby Pillay, Morgam ...read more
1960 19 February,  Monty called for strength in resistance, citing the example of Patrice Lumumba of the Congo ...read more
1950 A.K.M. Docrat, a popular activist, was named under the Suppression of Communism Act. He was jailed for thirty ...read more
1920 February, The Asiatic Inquiry Commission, headed by Sir Johannes Lange, is appointed to inquire into laws ...read more
1930 The Durban Municipality was a major employer of Indian labour, employing an average of 2 000 workers through the ...read more
1910 Public Servants Superannuating Act and Teachers Pensions Act. Discrimination against Indians. South Africa Act, ...read more
1990 23 July, Billy Nair was detained following police allegations of an MK plot, code-named Operation Vula, to seize ...read more
After the advent of democratic rule in 1994, the newly elected ANC led government was faced with the task of dealing ...read more