1902 At the cessation of hostilities, Sir Alfred Milner, the former British High Commissioner and Governor of the ...read more
August 18, Biko is arrested Steve Biko was travelling in a car with a friend Peter Jones, an executive member of the ...read more
1923 20 November - born in Springs, Transvaal (now Gauteng), to Jewish immigrant parents from Europe. 1937 First works ...read more
18 February The German colony of Cameroon falls to French and British forces after 17 months of fighting. 21 February ...read more
1980 Kay Moonsamy was sent to India to replace Mosie Moolla, as ANC representative, for six months. 1983 December, 25 ...read more
1970 HA Naidoo passes away while still in exile. 17 February, APDUSA members, Armstrong Madoda, Gaby Pillay, Morgam ...read more
1960 19 February,  Monty called for strength in resistance, citing the example of Patrice Lumumba of the Congo ...read more
1950 A.K.M. Docrat, a popular activist, was named under the Suppression of Communism Act. He was jailed for thirty ...read more
1990 23 July, Billy Nair was detained following police allegations of an MK plot, code-named Operation Vula, to seize ...read more