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A mug shot of Andre Stander

Thursday, 19 January 1984
19 January 1984 The Stander gang robs three banks in less than an hour in the Johannesburg city centre. ..
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1868 Enoch Mgijima is born at Bulhoek, Eastern Cape, the son of Jonas Mayekiso Mgijima. 1907 19 April, Enoch Mgijima, ...read more
This period is characterized by British occupancy, Wars of Dispossession, colonial expansion and growth of African and ...read more
After coming to power in 1948, the National Party-led government began implementing apartheid by passing a series of ...read more
1825 Mzilikazi's arrival in Transvaal region. 1836 Andries Potgieter's arrives in the area north of the Vaal. ...read more
18 February The German colony of Cameroon falls to French and British forces after 17 months of fighting. 21 February ...read more
1930 - 1939 1930 May 4-5, Gandhi: At 12.45 a.m., arrested at Karadi, a village near Dandi where Gandhi had broken ...read more
During this period the ANC consolidated its hold on power but also faced both internal and external challenges. ...read more
By the 1970s a number of leading figures of both the ANC and PAC were in prison while others had fled into exile. ...read more
1994 27 April,South Africa's interim constitution which was adopted in November 1993 came into effect on 27th April ...read more


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As part of the governmental process for transformation of institutions through re-structuring and mergers in Post-Apartheid South Africa, read more
January 1992: The IFP publishes its constitutional principles. 08 January 1992: The ANC gives it annual statement. 20 January 1992: 5 Working Groups read more
21 August 1989: OUA publishes the publishes the Harare Declaration. January 1991: Nelson Mandela calls for an all-party congress to negotiate the way read more
1904, March 3 Nokukhanya born   1913 Began formal education at Ohlange Institute 1914 Death of Nokukhanya’s mother, Nozincwadi, (also read more
22 June 1946 —The Government of India requested that the question of the treatment of Indians in the Union of South Africa be included in the read more