By the 1970s a number of leading figures in the ANC were in prison while others were in exile. Those that remained ...read more
1942 12 April, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is born in Nkandla in northern KwaZulu-Natal. 1958 Zuma joins the African ...read more
Due to the fact that Black People were detained in separate camps, the issue of Black Concentration Camps is dealt ...read more
1960 1 January, Minister of Bantu Education assumes control of University College of Fort Hare.African students are ...read more
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1913 15 June, Trevor Huddleston is born in Chaucer Road, Bedford, England. Huddleston is christened at St Paul’s ...read more
1931 7 October, Desmond Mpilo Tutu is born in Klerksdorp, in the then Transvaal province of South Africa. 1961 Desmond ...read more