This timeline is NOT complete. Any omissions are unintentional as this timeline is a work in progress that will be ...read more
Queen Elizabeth visits Currie's 1947 1854 15 May, The proclamation of the settlement of Durban into a Borough. ...read more
9 July, The Executive of the South African Indian Congress (SAIC) meets in Durban and appoints S.R. Naidoo as the SAIC ...read more
1859 After protracted negotiations between the Natal Government and the British Secretary of State for the Colonies, ...read more
1974 February Botswana Abraham Onkgopotse Tiro SASO Parcel bomb.   - Zambia John Dube ANC Parcel bomb. 1978 8 ...read more
1968 December, SASO is formed at the conference held in Marianhill, Natal. The conference was exclusively attended by ...read more
Introduction Since independence, English has been Namibia’s only official language. This was a controversial ...read more
The 1940s were characterised by changes that had a profound effect on the political landscape in South Africa. There ...read more
In the 1940s the ANC rejuvenated itself and began to work more closely with the SACP, putting behind the antagonistic ...read more