Useful sites about Nelson Mandela

Mandela's charities and projects 

  • Nelson Mandela Children's Fund - Changing the way society treats its children and youth. Driven by his love for children and a desire to end their suffering, former President Mandela established the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (NMCF) in 1995  
  • Nelson Mandela Foundation website. The Nelson Mandela Foundation, through the Centre of Memory and Dialogue, contributes to the making of a just society by promoting the values, vision and work of our Founder.
  • 46664 (four, double six, six four) takes its name from the prison number (prisoner number 466 of 1964) given to Mr Mandela when he was incarcerated for life on Robben Island, off Cape Town, South Africa. Mr Mandela gave his prison number to the organisation as a permanent reminder of the sacrifices he was prepared to make for a humanitarian and social justice cause he passionately believed in.

The Liberation Struggle and Nelson Mandela

  • Website:

    South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid, Building Democracy presents first-hand accounts of the LIberation movement. Interviews with South African activists, raw video footage documenting mass resistance and police repression, historical documents, rare photographs, and original narratives tell this remarkable story.
  • Website: The Heart of Hope, South Africa's transition from Apartheid to Democracy. An easy to use online archive created by University of the Western Cape, Robben Island Museum Mayibuye Archive and Padraig O'Malley and the University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Website: The African National Congress' official website houses a large archive of official documents, letters, biographies, speeches and articles related to Nelson Mandela and the Liberation Struggle. Visit the 'documents' section to access this archive.
  • Website: The aim of the Digital Innovation South Africa project is to make accessible to scholars and researchers world-wide, South African material of high socio-political interest which would otherwise be difficult to locate and use. This is a great and easy to use archive.
  • Website: The South African History Archive (SAHA) is an independent non-governmental organization dedicated to documenting and supporting the struggles for justice in South Africa.

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