Many reports claim that little is known about the earliest history of Nigeria. By c.2000 B.C. most of Nigeria was thinly occupied by people who had a basic knowledge of raising domesticated food... read more

The Republic of Congo, also known as Middle Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, and Congo (but not to be confused with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire, which was also at one time known... read more

Rwanda is a land-locked Country located in the central part of Africa. People began settling in the area as early as 10.000BCE[i]. After several... read more

Sao Tome and Principe, once a leading Cocoa Producer, consists of two Islands of Volcanic Origin and a number of smaller Islets lying off the coast of Africa.

From the late 1400s, Portugal... read more

Senegal gain its independence from France after breaking away from the Mali Federation, which was formed by merging Senegal and the French Soudan in 1959.

The Mali federation gained... read more

Seychelles is a comparatively young Nation,which can trace its first Settlement back to 1770, when the Islands were first settled by the French. Leading a small party of Whites, Indians and... read more

Sierra Leone is found in West Africa, fronting onto the Atlantic Ocean, and flanked by Liberia and Guinea.

The very earliest inhabitants of Sierra Leone were possibly the Bulom people. The... read more

Somalia is the Easternmost Country on mainland Africa, situated at the tip of the Horn of Africa. The original Inhabitants were introduced to Islam by Arabic immigrants from around 7th Century CE... read more

The Swazi nation, as we know it today, originally came from Mozambique. Their Nguni ancestors probably moved there before the sixteenth century as part of the Bantu migration. Archaeologists have... read more