From: South Africa's Radical Tradition, a documentary history, Volume One 1907 - 1950, by Allison Drew

Document 22 - Letter from Douglas Wolton to E. R. Roux, 8 May 1928


                                                                                                                          CENTRAL EXECUTIVE OFFICE,

                                                                                                                                             41A, FOX STREET,



E. R. Roux

53 Lensfield Road,



Dear Comrade,

I have received three letters from you recently. I haven't the dates handy, but was not able to reply earlier as the question of the World Congress was not settled. So far as our information now goes, we understand that it will take place in July.2

You have been appointed as co-delegate and Bunting as delegate from the Party here. Further details will be supplied later as soon as we have drawn up our final decisions,

The "task", has caused considerable difficulty here and there is a small minority in favour of the new programme, although I am of the opinion that Bunting will return to S.A. with a somewhat different outlook. There has been prepared a majority and a minority report. I will send you a draft of the minority report and Bunting will probably send a copy of the majority report. One is in support of the new task and the other puts a case against it, altho' it is not necessarily a final conclusion.3

The situation out here is changing with great rapidity and since the beginning of the year important developments have taken place. No doubt you are more or less conversant with the outstanding events which you would no doubt get from the Capitalist Press and also from the Worker which I believe is still coming to you. You will no doubt know that Ballinger, Secretary of Motherwell Trades Council is expected out here shortly as adviser to the I.C.U. If he has not already left you will probably try to see him.

Andrews leaves on Thursday as delegate to GENEVA after refusing to be nominated for our World Congress.

I will advise you further in regard to Congress matters,

                                                                                                                                                  Fraternally your