From: South Africa's Radical Tradition, a documentary history, Volume Two 1943 - 1964, by Allison Drew

Document 71 - National Committee for Liberation, Announcement [20 December 1961]

The National Committee announces that on 20 December 1961 it destroyed power lines in Johannesburg.

The National Committee for Liberation has been responsible for:

1. The removal of banished people to places of safety

2. The transportation of people overseas.

3. The taking of 20 nurses to a point of embarkation to Tanganyika.

4. The burning of the records at the Bantu Administration Tax Office in Delvers St, on 24/9/61

5. The destruction of a power line on the 9/10/61.

The NCL has taken this action, as there is no longer any legal democratic way to oppose the Nationalist Government.

The NCL welcomes the appearance of the "Assegai of the Nation". Both the "Assegai of the Nation" and the NCL support the Liberatory Movement. However, no one group has the responsibility for fighting for the freedom of its country.

The NCL is a non-racial organisation whose members hold varying political opinions attack is against the Nationalist Government and not individuals, and our are trained to protect the lives of people in all circumstances.

We warm the Government that we will fight until the last vestige of white domination eradicated. We stand for a non-racial state based on equality for all and we on the fight until this has been achieved.