Today we mark the 79th anniversary of the formation of the African National Congress. We do so as a legal organisation for the first time in thirty years. We do so inside the country together with freedom fighters, some of whom have spent almost three decades in prison and in exile.

This reality is itself a tribute to the heroism of the millions of our people who engaged in struggle demanding, among other things, the unbanning of the ANC, the release of political prisoners and the return of the exiles. It is the signal that the basic demand of these masses, that power should reside in the hands of the people as a whole, will soon be realised.

It is our task as a movement to chart the way forward to the speedy accomplishment of this objective. Our statement today points out the measures our country must institute to ensure its early transformation into a nonracial democracy, to ensure that the people enjoy freedom and peace sooner rather than later.

What our statement is about is struggle. It is about the continued offensive of the masses of our people, both black and white, to end the apartheid crime against humanity, the common enemy of our people. It is about the constructive steps that must be taken to sustain and expedite the peace process.