Message To The People While Awaiting Sentence To Imprisonment In The Passive Resistance Campaign, June 27, 1946

To my Indian brothers and sisters I give this parting message before being sentenced for opposing the obnoxious Asiatic Land Tenure and Indian Representation Act, 1946, which shall be known amongst our people as the "Ghetto Act."

I call upon you, every man and woman, to give whole-hearted support to the Passive Resistance Campaign which symbolises the struggle of the Indian people against the most vicious racial legislation in recent times.

This is but the beginning of the struggle. Dark and difficult days lie ahead and every Indian must place duty before self. History must record that in the greatest hour of trial, our people in this country were not found wanting in courage, duty, and devotion.

Yusuf Mohamed Dadoo South Africa's Freedom Struggle: Statements, Speeches and Articles including Correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi

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