Tribute To Vietnam: Letter To The Vietnam Workers` Party And The National Liberation Front, January 26, 1973

26th January 1973

Dear Comrades,

The epic fight of the Vietnamese people has been of immense world-historical significance to all who oppose imperialism and who long for national liberation, democracy, socialism and peace.

Especially to those like our own people suffering gross national oppression, colonialism and racialism in South Africa, your victory inspires us with fresh energy and unshakeable confidence that our just cause will triumph.

On behalf of all the oppressed and exploited people of our country we pay undying tribute to your Party, Government and people. Your steadfastness and endurance, your high patriotism, and brilliant political, military, theoretical and practical leadership have enabled your people to sustain the most massive and prolonged onslaught of any nation in history, and to emerge with a victory for your people which is shared by the whole of freedom-loving mankind.

Please accept, dear comrades, our cordial congratulations, our ardent hope for the early realisation of the peaceful reunification of the nation of Vietnam, enjoying friendly relations with the free, fraternal peoples of Indo-China, advancing along the path illuminated by the immortal Ho Chi Minh.

We pledge to you that our people and our Party, as part of the world's forces against imperialism, will stand ever vigilant at your side to safeguard the peace against treachery and sabotage.

Yours fraternally,

Y. M. Dadoo


South African Communist Party

Yusuf Mohamed Dadoo South Africa's Freedom Struggle: Statements, Speeches and Articles including Correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi

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