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Author: Peta Thornycroft and Peta Lee
Publication date: 15 May 1994
Author: Kenneth Mackenze
Publication date: 10 June 1960
Publisher: Periodicals Archive Online
Author: Hans Meidner
Publication date: 1 January 1959
Publisher: Berghahn Books and Journals
n 27 April 1994, Denis Farrell woke up around 4am. He had left the office around midnight the night before. His emotions were charged. This was a big day. The eyes of the world were on South Africa....
Author: James Oatway
Publication date: 16 May 2019
Publication date: 3 September 1958
Publisher: New York Times
In the years following the arrival of democracy in 1994, writer and journalist Nat Nakasa’s name had become shorthand for the evils enacted by the apartheid regime. The beats of his life – ...
Author: Khanya Khondlo Mtshali
Publication date: 14 May 2019
Publication date: 27 November 1965
Publisher: The Economist Newspaper)
Publication date: 21 May 1960
Publisher: The Economist Newspaper
Publication date: 28 March 1959
Publisher: The Economist Newspaper
Author: Tygesen Peter
Publication date: 1 May 1991
Publisher: Periodicals Archive Online
Publication date: 12 April 1960
Publisher: The Economist Newspaper Limited
At a time when former president Robert Mugabe's government avoided debate on Gukurahundi massacres to an extent that talk about the bloody past was criminalised, a human rights activist was helping...
Author: Staff reporter
Publication date: 05 May 2019
Publisher: bulawayo24 News
There is a good paved road that runs into McGregor, a pastoral village at the foot of South Africa’s Riviersonderend Mountains, but it stops at the edge of town. When the road was cleared and...
Author: Ariel Levy
Publication date: 6 May 2019
Author: Prof. Henning Melber
Publication date: 17 August 2017
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Author: Kalim Rajab
Publication date: 3 April 2019


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