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Tomorrow, April 26, 1994, an historic event will take place in South Africa, 18 year old and over, men and women, black and white, will go to the polls to elect a new government to replace the white...
Author: Phyllis Jordan
To mark the centenary of the founding of the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union (ICU), New Frame republishes work by historian Shula Marks about Allison Champion’s influence on workers in the...
Author: Shula Marks
Publication date: 31 January 2019
Author: Maureen Isaacson
Publication date: 24 January 2019
In 1959, Hugh Lewin, who has died aged 79, joined the South African Liberal party: shortly afterwards it became the only legal non-racial political party in the country, with the banning in 1960 of...
Author: Peter Hain
Publication date: 21 January 2019
Author: Claudia B Braude
Journalist, author and anti-apartheid activist Hugh Lewin has died, aged seventy-nine. Lewin passed away at his home in Killarney, Johannesburg yesterday. Born in Lydenburg in 1939, to English...
Author: Jennifer Malec
Publication date: 17 January 2019
In the mid-80s a strange pop phenomenon swept through the shebeens and music festivals of South Africa. Based on the artist's name and song title, everybody was convinced that Oom Hansie was a...
Author: Sam Mathe
Author: Robert Haswell
Author: Tony Heard
Publication date: 10 December 2018
Author: Robin Binckes
Publication date: 2018-12-06
Author: Gareth Van Onselen
Publication date: 1/8 November 2018
Publisher: South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR)
Author: Gareth van Onselen
Publication date: May 2018
ISBN: 2311-7591
Publisher: South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR)
Following Julius Malema's recent comment, that he intended to "cut the throat of whiteness", by removing DA mayor Athol Trollip in Nelson Mandela Bay, I wrote on 7 March that the EFF leader, "can...
Author: Gareth van Onselen
Publication date: 26 March 2018
Publisher: Huffpost
Professor Gert Johannes "Jakes" Gerwel, who died of complications following heart surgery on Wednesday, was a quiet South African, but one who thought and acted with nobility and courage. This was...
Author: Niren Tolsi
Publication date: 30 November 2012


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