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Umsebenzi Discussion Pamphlet Published by the South African Communist Party.
Programme of the South African Communist Party as Adopted at the Seventh Congress, 1989.
President Botha and his National Party colleagues fear and hate the South African communist Party more than any other section of the anti-apartheid forces in this country.
Red October 2005 Action Plan, Fight Hunger, Demand Food Security For All.
(Adopted at the inaugural conference of the Party, Cape Town, 30 July, 1921.) The Communist Party of South Africa, which has been formed by the union of the former International Socialist League (S...
The subject matter of this discussion paper will no doubt be debated for years to come both inside and outside the ranks of communist and workers' parties. The publication of this draft has been...
From the Augmented Meeting of the Central Committee of the SACP. The Call was circulated illegally in the country and reproduced in the Party's quarterly journal in 1970.
Nineteen Seventy One marked the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of South Africa. This document is based on a series of articles contributed to the Party organ...
This constitution was adopted at the 7th Party Congress in 1989. The current constitution, based on this one, was adopted at the 8th Party Congress in December 1991.
Joe Slovo was awarded the Isithwalandwe-Seaparankoe Award by President Mandela at the 49th ANC National Conference at Bloemfontein, December 1994.
Advocate Abram Fischer, Q.C. was detained in 1964 and was the main accused in a trial of 13 men and women in Johannesburg on charges of being members or supporters of the Communist Party....
Fortieth Anniversary of the 1946 Mine Strike. A Salute by the South African Communist Party to South Africa's Black Mine Workers, Published by the South African Communist Party, 1986.
Speeches by Alfred Nzo, Secretary General of the African National Congress, and Joe Slovo, Chairman of the South African Communist Party, at the 65th Anniversary Meeting of the South...


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