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We are a few days away from the celebration of one of our national holidays, Heritage Day. The opening of this exhibition of photographs by Omar Badsha and the accompanying launch of further book...
Author: Jakes Gerwel
Publication date: September 2001
In the mid-80s a strange pop phenomenon swept through the shebeens and music festivals of South Africa. Based on the artist's name and song title, everybody was convinced that Oom Hansie was a...
Author: Sam Mathe
Author: Robert Haswell
Author: Tony Heard
Publication date: 10 December 2018
Author: Robin Binckes
Publication date: 2018-12-06
Author: Gareth Van Onselen
Publication date: 1/8 November 2018
Publisher: South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR)
Author: Gareth van Onselen
Publication date: May 2018
ISBN: 2311-7591
Publisher: South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR)
Following Julius Malema's recent comment, that he intended to "cut the throat of whiteness", by removing DA mayor Athol Trollip in Nelson Mandela Bay, I wrote on 7 March that the EFF leader, "can...
Author: Gareth van Onselen
Publication date: 26 March 2018
Publisher: Huffpost
ENEMIES DEPEND UPON EACH OTHER to sustain their wars and, if neither is a clear-cut winner in that process, no less so if they make peace. This was so on February 2 1990 when President F W de Klerk...
Author: Howard Barrell
First thanks to Ronnie Kasrils - King Kong, friend, commander and the greatest hairy one of them all - who planted the seed for this study, cleared the way for it and has since tolerated my defection...
Author: Howard Barrell
THE EXTREMITY OF CONFLICT in a revolutionary struggle can create a number of difficulties for someone attempting a serious study of such a struggle. Firstly, the antagonists, for reasons of their...
Author: Howard Barrell
This bibliography includes all books, articles and primary material referred to in the text and footnotes, as well as a few additional works which were significant in informing this dissertation.It...
Author: Howard Barrell
In July 1990, five months after the South African government had unbanned the ANC, security police in Durban raided a local house. An informer had tipped them off about a group of externally trained...
Author: Howard Barrell
Operation Vula, with whose destruction I began this dissertation and with whose genesis I have just ended the tenth and final chapter, is the climax of our story. Footnote It provides us with a kind...
Author: Howard Barrell
Professor Gert Johannes "Jakes" Gerwel, who died of complications following heart surgery on Wednesday, was a quiet South African, but one who thought and acted with nobility and courage. This was...
Author: Niren Tolsi
Publication date: 30 November 2012


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