Glossary: The First farmers in Southern Africa

Key terms with definitions for this topic

Affiliation: a person’s connection with a political party, religion, etc.

Agriculturalist: an expert in agriculturewho gives advice to farmers

Agriculture: the science or practice of farming

Capacity: the ability to understand or to do something

Convenient: useful, easy or quick to do; not causing problems

Facets: a particular part or aspect of something

Historian: a person who studies or writes about history; an expert in history

Indigenous: belonging to a particular place rather than coming to it from somewhere else

Innovative: introducing or using new ideas, ways of doing something, etc.

Interaction: the act of communicating with somebody, especially while you work, play or spend time with them

Intermarriage: the act of marrying somebody of a different race or from a different country or a different religious group

Landscape: everything you can see when you look across a large area of land, especially in the country

Nomadic: belonging to a community that moves with its animals from place to place

Occupation: the act of living in or using a building, room, piece of land, etc.


Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries [online], (2015) Oxford University Press

Last updated : 08-May-2015

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