Grade 10 - What was South Africa like in 1750?

In 1750, there was no country or sovereign state called South Africa. South Africa only became a sovereign state in 1910. By 1750, at the Cape under Dutch colonial rule, settlers hadexpandednorthwards and eastwards from Cape Town. In the dry northern and western regions of the Cape lived Khoi herders and San hunter-gatherers. Since the arrival of the Dutch colony in 1652, the Nguni established a dense settlement between the coastal region in the Eastern Cape and the Drakensberg Mountains (which stretches from the Eastern Cape Province and extends north along the border of Lesotho and KwaZulu-Natal). Around 1750, the Khoi became incorporated into the Xhosa chiefdoms between the Kei and Keiskama Rivers. 

Last updated : 27-Feb-2018

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