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Last name First name Synopsis Date of birth Date of death
M Maloka
M.Madela Wilfred 11-September-1980
Maapola Michael


Maathai Wangari 01-April-1940 25-September-2011
Mabandla Lindelwa

Durban Former SASO vice-president and BPC member. In 1975 restricted with his wife Brigitte Mabandla to Tsolo area, Transkei. Exile

Mabandla Selby 26.12.76
Mabandla Brigitte

Youth co-ordinator at the Institute of Race Relations, Durban, teacher, legal advisor to the ANC Legal and Constitutional Affairs Department,  Deputy Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology and Minister of Housing

Mabasa Tiyani

Political activist, writer, member of BPC, Vice President of AZAPO and President of SOPA

Mabasa Noria

South African Sculptor and Woodcarver

10 May 1938
Mabaso Alan

Member of the ANC and MK, died in exile

Mabaso Blessing

member of the ANC and MK, killed by the South African Security Police

Mabaso Daniel



Mabaso Ernest

Chairperson of ANC Zola Branch and member of Soweto Civic Association

17 May 1992
Mabaso Sifiso 21 March 1992
Mabaso Cylion

A 21 year old who was executed at Pretoria Central Prison for political activities

1944 19 November 1965
Mabaso Dumisani

South African artist well known for painting and printmaking

20 June 1955
Mabaso Erick 26-December-1976
Mabaso N 26-December-1976
Mabaso C. S.

Teacher, shopkeeper and secretary and bookkeeper of Abantu-Batho, the ANC newspaper, ANC treasurer-general

Mabaso Richard Mzamane


Mabatla David

Member of the ANC and MK

Mabaxa Vuyani

Member of the Congress of South African Students, African National Congress Youth League, South African Communist Party, trade union organiser and community activist

17-November-1967 13-October-1991
Mabe David

Banished person

Mabe Abel

banished person

Mabe David
Mabe Acting
Mabe Ntloe

Banished person

Mabe Levi

Banished person

Mabe Sam

Member of the PAC; deputy editor of Sowetan

4 July 1990
Mabe Jeremiah

Banished person

Mabe Puleng 19 March 1980
Mabelane Mathews 15-February-1977
Mabelane Matthews 15-February-1977
Mabele Lele

Member of the PAC, trade unionist

13 December 1990
Mabena Peter

Stabbed to death

Mabenyane Peter

Killed in Sharpeville on 21 March 1960

Mabhida Moses

Mabhida was an outstanding leader of humble origins who became a dominant figure in the trade union movement, the African National Congress (ANC), South African Congress of Trade Uninons (SACTU), uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Commissar and the Communist Party

14-October-1923 08-March-1986
Mabhida Moses

Mabhida was an outstanding leader of humble origins who became a dominant figure in the trade union movement, the African National Congress (ANC), South African Congress of Trade Uninons (SACTU), uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Commissar and the Communist Party

04-October-1923 08-March-1986
Mabhohela Livingston
Mabhongo Mpenze


Mabija Phakamile 01-August-1977
Mabitje Manie
Mabitsa Steven 19-September-1976
Mabitse Patrick

Member of the ANC and MK - killed by mutineers

May 1984
Mabitsela Paulus

Killed in Sharpeville massacre

Mabiya Mafolisi

Minor, Worker, Casualty

16 August 2012
Mabizela Buzwe

Struggle activist, President of the ANC Youth League at Fort Hare University, uMkhonto weSizwe cadre, African National Congress member and first South African High Commissioner to Namibia.

07-March-1934 08-April-2003
Mabizela Stanley

Struggle activist, President of the ANC Youth League at Fort Hare University, uMkhonto weSizwe cadre, African National Congress member and first South African High Commissioner to Namibia.

Maboa Ramoopi
Maboee Eleazer
Mabongo Washington


Maboya Bennet 26-December-1976
Maboya Bernard 26-December-1976
Mabuja Samuel

MK Commander killed by police

27 December 1993
Mabukane Ntobeko

Mabukane Ntobeko also known as Bhengu Smilo - died in a n accident in Angola in 1979

Mabukela Piet

banished person

25 November 1954
Mabuku Glagys 26-December-1976
Mabunda Sam Boy 31-December-1976
Mabuse Simon

Member of ANC and MK. Died in Zambia of natural causes

Mabuza Reginald

Member of the ANC and MK

Mabuza Herbert

photographer and farmer

2 June 2019, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Mabuza David

David Dabede Mabuza was born 25 August, 1960 in Brondal, Mpumalanga. He matriculated from Khumbula High School. He obtained a National Teacher’s Certificate from Mngwenya College of Education in 1985. He furthered his studies at University of South Africa (UNISA) with Bachelor of Arts degree in 1989.

25 August 1960
Mabuza Enos

Chief Executive Councillor of the Kangwane Legislative Assembly in 1976, founder member of Inyandza National Movement in 1978, author, Inspector of Education and teacher.

6 June 1939 December 1997
Mabuza Leonard

member of the ANC and MK

1988 Angola
Mabuza Patrick 17-September-1976
Mabuza Shadrack 31-December-1976
Mabyka Gladys 18-February-1977
Macala Benjamin


21 April 1937
Macamba Pasqual

Member of the ANC and MK. Died in exile

Mace Edward


1863 19 March 1928
Macedisi Dubase

Robben Island prisoner

Machel Graça

Deputy Director of the Frelimo Secondary School in Tanzania, member of Frelimo's Central Committee and the Minister of Education and Culture in Mozambique, Chairperson of the National Organization of Children of Mozambique.

Machel Samora

Politician and Freedom Fighter. Revolutionary leader of the Mozambican liberation movement FRELIMO and Mozambique's first President, killed in a controversial plane crash in 1986.

29 September 1933 19 October 1986
Machobane Duke

School teacher, member of the ANC and MK, killed in exile

14 June 1985
Maci James

Banished person.

Mackay Maboza

Robben Island prisoner & banned person. Member of the PAC

Mackie Traci Former journalist, exposed policeman involved in Steve Biko’s death, ANC member, recipient of the Government’s National Order of Ikhamanga in Bronze, author
Maclean Charles

His real name was Charles Rawden Maclean and he had run away to sea at the age of 12.

17/08/1815 1880-09-13
Maclear Thomas


17 March 1794 14 July 1879
Macozoma Reed
Macozoma Sakumzi (Saki) Justice

Student activist, businessperson, member of SASM, PEBCO, UDF and ANC National Executive Committee

12 May 1957
Madaka Topsy

Founder member of Pebco, trade unionist and member of COSAS, one of the 'Cosas Two'

1954 14-April-1982
Madaka Mbuyiselo

Member of the ANC and later COPE

Madaka Mzimazi


Madakeni Leon
Madala Tholakele

Founding judge of Constitutional Court.

13 July 1937 25 August 2010
Madandile Mengese

Robben Island prisoner

Madapu Magade

Banished person.

Madela Laduma

Author, illustrator, sculptor, and philosopher

c. 1906 1996
Madi Andrew

Member of the ANC and MK. Died in exile in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)

Madiba Aaron

Member of the African National Congress (ANC). Died in exile in Tanzania on 12 February 1986.

Madiba Alpheus

Political Activist

1901 09-September 1967
Madiba Moses

Educationist, first African Chancellor of the University of the North and Author.

22 November 1909 1985
Madiba Karabo 11-November-1984
Madiba* Mzwakhe

Member of the ANC and MK

10 July 1986
Madibo P.

June 16 casualty - was shot in the left shoulder

Madikane Bilton
Madikane Jack

Robben Island prisoner and Banned person

Madikane Daniel 31-December-1976
Madikane Lennox 1 November 1963
Madikgetla Lazarus 11-November-1985
Madikizela Solomon

Banished person

Madikizela Cameron

Teacher, member of the Cape African Teachers Association (CATA) and the Society of Young Africa (SOYA), lawyer, political activist, exile, political prisoner, member of the Unity Movement.

Unknown 24-June-1987
Madikizela-Mandela Winnie

ANC Political Activist and ex-wife of Nelson Mandela, Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture, President of ANCWL, member of the NEC of the ANC

26-September-1936 02-April-2018
Madingoane Ingoapele
Madingwane Stephen

Member of the African National Congress (ANC)

Madisegarekwe Phekonyane

Political prisoner on Robben Island

Madisha William Mothipa (Willie)

Teacher, Chairperson of the Northern Transvaal Teachers' Union, member of the UDF and the ANC, branch secretary of the South African Communist Party, President of SADTU, President of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, Member of the Congress of

Madisha Donald 01-June-1990
Madlaka Quyu
Madlala-Routledge Nozizwe

Member of NOW, UDF, ANC and the Central Committee of the SACP. Delegate to the Codesa talks, Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of South Africa (17 June 1999 - 28 April 2004), Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of South Africa (29 April

Madlebe Mpumelelisi
Madocks Sobantu
Madola Memory
Madondo Aaron

Member of the ANC and MK, political prisoner

6 August 1958 June 2012
Madondo Ronald
Madondo Oupa

Member of the ANC and MK, political prisoner

20 May 1948 April 1980
Madondo Mr. 27 February 1992
Madonsela Thulisile 28-September-1962
Madontsela Skhumbuzo

A member of the African National Congress (ANC) and uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK). Was killed in Angola

Madumetsa Ranoto
Madumise Regina
Madumo Ndakie
Maduna Mncedisi
Maduna David
Maduna Alexander P.

Trade unionist and provincial secretary of the ICU

Madupa Magade
Madzivhandla Patrick 26-December-1976
Madzunya Josias

Political Activist, Chair of the ANC in Alexandra, later joined the PAC

Maepa Simon 26-December-1976
Mafa Ngidi
Mafana James
Mafana James
Mafanya Welcome
Mafeje Archie

Member of the Society of Young Africa, political activist, Director of the Multidisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Namibia, Author, Member of CODESRIA and Professor of Anthropology and Sociology of Development. 

30 March 1936 28 March 2007
Mafekeng Elizabeth

Trade unionist, National Vice-President of the ANC Women's League and member of the National Executive Committee of the 

18-September-1918 28-May-2009
Mafekeng Elizabeth

Trade unionist, National Vice-President of the ANC Women's League and member of the National Executive Committee of the 

18-September-1918 28-May-2009
Mafela Joe

Television personality, actor, writer, director, producer, musician and businessman

25-June-1942 18-March-2017
Mafenuka Daniel
Mafika Stanley 11- August-1990
Mafiyeka Bernard 16 July 1992
Mafobela Mafabela 21-March-1960
Mafoka Ras
Mafoka Mathamaha
Mafoko Prince September 1993
Mafoko Steven 09-November-1980
Mafora William 2 July 1991
Mafora Jacob

President of the African National Congress in the Orange Free State and ex-officio member of

Maftson Marone
Mafu Basil Kanye Dumisani

Political Activist

11 September 1957  24 October 2004
Mafubelu Jacob 21-March-1960
Mafulatse Paulina 21-March-1960
Mafuna Bokwe

Journalist, detained, banned. Exiled in Paris

Mafuta Elizabeth
Mafutha Andrew
Maga Dane 26-December-1976
Maga* Eric


Executed by order of MK Military Tribunal 

Magadani Florence

June 16 casualty

Magadledla Fikile


13 December 1952 2003
Magaga Bongani

Killed in Lesotho - raid/assasination

Magagula Mgqibelo

Member of the ANC and MK

Magagula Petrus
Magale Simon
Magani Mashamba


Magashule Sefelaro

Died in exile

Magawana Barnabas 1917 6 July 1962
Magawana Douglas 1913 6 July 1962
Magekaza Mazizi 1988
Magoba Stanley
Magome David 21-November-1986
Magomo Joseph
Magona Sindiwe

Teacher, civil servant, novelist, poet, playwright, women’s activist, awarded the Order of Ikhamanga in Bronze for her literary and humanitarian contributions and her outstanding achievements in literature and for using her pen as a weapon in the

23 August 1943
Magqabi Cecil
Magqikani Bawukazi 1934 3 July 1964
Magqikani Light 1911 3 July 1964
Magqwara Sipho
Magqwashane Ernest
Magubane Bheki 30-January-1981
Magubane Peter

South African photographer, politcal detainee and banned person

18-January-1932 1 January 2024
Magubane Bernard 26 August 1930 12 April 2013
Magubela Patrick
Magushe Maqadaza 1935 30 May 1967
Magwadi Lulama
Magwanya Ntsikelelo

Banished person

Magwasa Iris 30-September-1990
Magwasha Solomon 1966 5 December 1986
Magwaza Gibson

Banished person.

Magwaza Domic 29-September-1982
Magwaza Raphael 1950
Magwaza Humphrey Actor, photographer, activist and member of Afrapix 4 April 1962 9 October 2007
Mahabane Zaccheus

Teacher, court interpreter, minister and first President-General of the ANC

15-August-1881 September 1971
Mahala Sipho 1967 29 March 1988
Mahamba Sparks

Killed in battle 

Mahangu Lameck
Mahao Martin
Mahapo Godfrey 26-December-1976
Maharaj Satyandranath "Mac" Political activist and a member of the African National Congress' armed wing, uMkhonto weSizwe and its National Executive Committee and the South African Communist Party. One of the leaders of Operation Vula.  22 April 1935
Maharaj Brij B-rated NRF Researcher, senior professor of Geography, author, editor, member of the Academy of Science of South Africa, Chairperson of the South African National Committee of the International Geography Union and former President of the Society of South African Geographers. Member of the International Geography Union’s Honors and Awards Committee, former Secretary of the Merebank Community Centre and media commentator.
Mahase Neo
Mahasha Daniel 26-December-1977
Mahbuda Adelaide
Mahemu Goqo 1931 5 September 1961
Mahlaba David 26-December-1978
Mahlakola Philemon

Member of the ANC and MK

Mahlangu Aaron

Trade unionist, member of SACTU, 1956 Treason trialist

Mahlangu Ben

Member of the ANC and MK

Mahlangu Klass

Chief and Community leader in Ndzundza-Mabhoko tribe.

16 March 1985
Mahlangu Senzangakhona

Chief Minister of former KwaNdebele homeland and founder member of the Intando Yesizwe Party, Founder member of CONTRALESA, Member of the ANC and UDM.

03-February-1953 19-August-2005
Mahlangu Mqothwa

Banned person

Mahlangu Victor 1937 19 November 1965
Mahlangu Pepsi

Chairperson of COSAS (KwaThema, Springs, East Rand), member of the ANC and MK

July 1991
Mahlangu Esther

Artist, educator

Mahlangu Judus

Printmaker and artist

14 January 1951
Mahlangu Solomon 10 July 1956 6 April 1979
Mahlawula Hlengani
Mahlaza Raymond 17-June-1976
Mahlele Samuel 21-March-1960
Mahlinza Maxwell 17-June-1976
Mahlobo Mandla

Member of the ANC and MK. Killed in exile in Angola

Mahlomola Motsoane
Mahlomolo Manake
Mahlong Shadrack

Sharpeville massacre casualty

Mahlukaniso Famela 1928
Mahoko Emily
Mahomed Ebrahim

Banned person

Mahomed Ismail

Advocate, first Black judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa

25 July 1931 17 June 2000
Mahomed Yunus

Lawyer, business person and member of the ANC and SACP, Regional Secretary of the UDF (Natal)

30-December-1950 January 2008
Mahomo Differ 10-July-1986
Mahomo Nelson

Businessman, member of the national executive committee of the Pan Africanist Congress, editor and filmaker  

1930 01-June-2014
Mahopo G. 26-December-1976
Mahungu Elliot
Mahure T
Mahutso Solomon 30-January-1981
Mahuwa John
Mailane John 21-March-1960
Mailangwe Richard 26-December-1976
Maimane T
Maimane Arthur

Journalist and writer

5 October 1932 28 June 2005
Maimane Mmusi

Leader of South Africa’s official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA).

6 June 1980
Maine Tseko 21-March-1960
Mainganye Avhashoni
Maipa Simon 26-December-1977
Maisela Benginkosi
Maisels Israel “Isie”

Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa, volunteer in the South African Armed Forces, appointed King’s Counsel (KC) and Queen’s Counsel (QC), Chair of the Johannesburg Bar Council from 1952 -1960, Vice-Chair and Acting- Chair of the General Council of the South African Bar from 1954 – 1960, Judge of the High Court of Rhodesia, Judge President of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, President of the United Hebrew Congregation, President of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, the South African Zionist Federation and the Israel United Appeal, member of the Board of Governors of Israel’s Jewish Agency, Trustee of the Weizmann Institute, author.

19 November 1905 8 December 1994
Majadibodu Herman
Majamba Douglas 12-August-1976
Majane Andrew

Death in exile

Majeke Pumzile

Banned person

Majija Hammington

Teacher and member of Liberal Party

Majoka Lindekile
Majoko Daniel 26-December-1978
Majola Florence 21 February 1919
Majola Leocadia 21-January-1990
Majola Florence
Majola Kwazokwake
Majola Solomon
Majola John 1978
Majola Nongoentu 08-August-1976
Majola Boy 26-December-1976
Majola Titus 19-July-1976
Majombozi Lionel Mxolisi

Medical practitioner and Provisional Secretary of the ANCYL

Majoro James J.

Clerk, miner, founding member and secretary of the African Mineworkers' Union. Organizing secretary of the Orlando branch of the ANC 

Majova Watson 1958 25-November-1985
Majozi Philda
Makabeni Gana

Trade unionist, ANC Treasurer-General, member of the SACP

Makae Samuel
Makaheni Leon
Makaleng Alfred 26-August-1988
Makaleng Alfred 26-August-1988
Makalima Matthews
Makambi Mpush

Former Apla Cadre, SA Boxing & IBO Champion

Makanla Gladwell
Makari Abraham 18.2.77
Makaringa July
Makati Ngqukuva
Makau Patrick
Makaula Gladwell
Makda E.
Make Vusumzi
Make Cassius
Make Dairaley
Make Vusumzi (Vusi)

Banished person, Civil Rights Activist, member of the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League, active in the Evaton bus boycotts in 1955 and an accused in the 1956 Treason Trial. Make was also a Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) representative in Cair

08-September-1934 15-April-2006
Makeba Miriam

South African singer and human rights campaigner, Makeba was the first vocalist to put African music onto the international map in the 1960s. Makeba is well known throughout the world known as 'Mama Africa' and the 'Empress of African Song'. 

04-March-1932 09-November-2008
Makele George
Makeleni Makhinzi
Makeni Jola
Makgabane Peter 26.12.76
Makgae Pule
Makgale Ephraim
Makgalemela Mary
Makgatho Sefako

Politician, journalist, teacher and president of the South African Native National Congress, 1917-24.

1861 23 May 1951
Makgato Ruben

Banished person.

Makgene Motsa
Makgetle David 26.12.76
Makgofe Piet

Member of the ANC

Makgothi Henry ‘Squire’

Teacher,  President of the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League; accused in the 1956 Treason Trial. Makgothi was also detained on Robben Island for 8 years for trying to leave the country without a passport; member of the SACP and ANC Depu

25-December-1928 24-March-2011
Makgothi Henry
Makgothi Lancelot
Makgotsi Jones
Makhabane Petrus 26.12.76
Makhalabeni Vincent
Makhanya Sibusisiwe
Makhanya Dennis May 1993
Makhanya Romeo Zamani


Makhari Abraham 26.12.76
Makhathini Johnstone

Member of ANC and MK, ANC head of the Department of International Affairs, teacher, political activist and freedom fighter. 

8 February 1932 3 December 1988
Makhaya Mampe

ANC Chief Representative in Cuba, served in the Foreign Affairs Department in numerous countries, recipient of the Order of the Lion for meritorious service in Senegal  

06-December-1943 13-November-2000
Makhaye Charles
Makhayo Autonio
Makhenkeleza Qobeka
Makhezwana Menze 1945 20 April 1989
Makhoba David 21-March-1960
Makhoba Muziwenhlanhla


1956 2003-February-24
Makhoere Caesarina Kona

Member of Black Sash, imprisoned for attempting to undergo military training.

Makhohliso Charles

Trade unionist, Chairperson of the Langa Batchelors Quarters branch of the African National Congress (ANC), 1956 Treason trialist

Makhothe Jesse
Makhotla Makhosi 7.9.76
Makhubedu Enos


Makhubela Lukas
Makhubelo Lucas
Makhubo Tabulazi
Makhubu Lawrence
Makhubu Thamsanqa 09-November-1980
Makhume Samuel 21-March-1960
Makhunga Mzondeki

Banished person. 

Maki Nosisi
Maki Maxaki
Makiti Ikabot
Makiwane Ambrose

Political Activist, Chairman of the ANCYL branch, Secretary of the Laundry Workers Union, ANC NEC member and member of MK.

Makiwane C. 21-March-1960
Makiwane Ambrose

Political Activist, Chairman of the ANCYL branch, Secretary of the Laundry Workers Union, ANC NEC member and member of MK.

29-November-1921 2004
Makiwane Cecilia

The first registered professional Black nurse in South Africa, early activist in the struggle for women’s rights and protestor in the first anti-women’s pass campaign in 1912.

1880 1919
Makiwane Tennyson Xola

Member of the ANCYL, ANC and 1956 Treason trialist

1933 1980
Makoanyane Samuel


1909 24 October 1944
Makoena Philemon 1960/03/21
Makoena Mokoena 21-March-1960
Makohliso Lusisi
Makopane Duluza
Makubalo Wilson
Makue Joshua

Teacher, tailor and member of the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union. Participated in the 1946 Indian Passive Resistance Campaign

Makulana Bengu
Makume Samuel
Makuto Hubert
Makwa Aaron 11-November-1986
Makwabe Nisbet
Makwabe Tengile
Makwela Matshele
Makwena Sipho
Makwetla Thabang

member of SASM, ANC, SACP and MK, exile and Deputy Minister of Defence

18 May 1957
Makwetu Mlamli
Makwetu Clarence

Political activist, political prisoner and President of the PAC.

06-December-1928 01-April-2016
Malahele-Xakana Mary

The first Black woman to register as a medical doctor in South Africa, founder member of the Young Women’s Christian Association (YMCA). 

02- May-1916 08-May-1981
Malan Daniel

Dutch Reformed Church Minister, editor, National Party leader and First Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, 1948 - 1953

1874 1959
Malan Magnus

Magnus Malan was South African Defence Minister in the apartheid governement for eleven years, between 1980 and 1991. In 1996, he and ten other retired military leaders were acquitted of murder and conspiracy charges in connection with 13 political murders that occurred in 1987. Prior to being acquitted they were released on bail ranging from $800 to $2 700 in South Africa's biggest post-Apartheid political trial.

30 January 1930 18 July 2011
Malangabi Nonkululeko
Malange Nise

Scriptwriter, theatre director, poet, cultural worker and activist, trade unionist, conductor of creative writing workshops for youth and children who are victims of violence and abuse, gender activist, editorial and film consultant and filmmaker

Malati Chico
Malatji Paris 05-July-1983
Malaza Joseph
Malaza Sipho 07-November-1977
Malaza Bonaventura Suicide by hanging
Malcolm Christian

Printmaker and founder of The Caversham Press

Malcolm Dyani
Malcom Dyani
Malebane Pule
Malebane-Metsing Rocky

Member of the African National Congress. Planned an attempted coup d'etat in Bophuthatswana. MEC for Agriculture in North West Province 

1949 23-November-2016
Malebogo Malebogo

Chief of Bahananwa people imprisoned for defending the independence of his chiefdoms against the Traansvaal Boers.

4 June 1939
Malebotsane Gabriel
Malefetsane Ntshilele
Maleka Oscar 11/11/88
Maleka Kagiso
Maleke Nikita
Malele Elmon

A member of the African National Congress (ANC), Malele was an activist involved in the 1952 Defiance Campaign, one of the accused in the 1956 Treason Trial and a detainee under the Suppression of Commu

1920 20-January-1977
Malema Julius

Chairperson of Cosas and President of the African National Congress Youth League, Founding Member and President of the Economic Freedom Fighters

3 March 1981
Maleoa Stephen
Malepe J. E.

Political activist

Malete Mary Nurse, Senior Matron, President of the Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA), first President of the South African Confederation of Trade Unions (SACOTU). Served on various boards, including the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), LAMOSA (Land Access Movement of South Africa) and the Job Creation Trust
Malgas Billy
Malgas Ernest
Malgas Zolani
Malgas Ernest 08-August-1937 04-July-1998
Malherbe Daniël

Novelist, poet, dramatist and scholar who helped establish Afrikaans as a cultural language in South Africa

28 May 1881 12 April 1969
Mali Freddie
Malie Julius C. 1961
Malikoe Mamotshabi 21-March-1960
Malindi Lettie Clerk at the Alexandra Institute, member of the African National Congress Youth League, African National Congress Women’s League, Federation of South African Women, an organiser of Kliptown Congress of the People, activist in the 1956 Women’s march, key figure in the establishment of Cape Association to Abolish Passes for African Women, Black Sash, member of the African National Congress underground movement, and United Women’s Organisation 26 March 1922 27 June 2010
Malindi Zolile

Trade unionist, member of the ANC, President of the UDF (Western Cape)

16-May-1924 21-April-2008
Malindisa George 31.7.76
Malinga Samuel 22-February-1977
Malinga Hebson 1929 8 February 1963
Malinga Maxwell 09-November-1947 30-January-2006
Malkinson Sam

A bookeeper involved with the CPSA.

Mall Hassim
Maloko Bernard
Malokwane Richard 28/11/85
Maloma Tony
Malope Edward
Malope Daniel (Sampie)

Trade unionist and member of the ANCYL

Malope Rebecca

South African Gospel music singer & talk show host

Malows Gabriella
Maltema Malta
Maluleka Jubilee
Maluleka Robert 13-November-1991
Maluleka Vincent
Malunga Reuben
Maluse Ngoma
Malusi George
Malusi Mcgregor
Mamabolo Pamela
Mamani Gege
Mamashila Ernest 19-November-1976
Mamba Mlamli
Mamoepa Ronald
Mamogobo Ezra 24.7.76
Mampe Bellington 09-September-1966
Mampie Johannes
Mampunye Meshack
Mampuru Christopher
Mampuru Elijah
Mampuru Self

founder of the African Democratic Party

1908 1964
Manaka Sabata

member of the ANC and MK, died in exile

Manaka Matsemela
Manamela Frans
Manana P. S. J.

Political activist

Manana Perry
Manana P. S. J.

Political activist

Manana Joseph


Manase James
Manci Bambela
Mancoba Ernest

exile, artist

29 August 1904 25 October 2002
Mancoe John Bidwell

Teacher, Provincial secretary of the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union (ICU) in the OFS

Mancoko Livingstone
Mandela Zindziswa “Zindzi” Former South African ambassador to Denmark, Politician, member of the Soweto Youth Congress, ANC and MK 23 December 1960 13 July 2020
Mandela Nelson Lawyer, anti-apartheid activist, banned person, ANC member, SACP member, MK Commander in Chief, 1956 Treason Trialist, Robben Island prisoner, Nobel Peace Prize winner and first  elected  President of a democratic South Africa.  18-July-1918 05-December-2013
Mandindi Xhali
Mandindi Buyisile


24 February 1967 2005
Mandla Maseko
Mandla Msondo
Mandla Cele
Mandla Lekalakala
Mandla Shabalala
Mandla Mabaso
Mandlakazi Malixole 11-November-1991
Mandlenkosi Sifiso
Maneli Bob
Mangaliso Zwane
Mangana Nelson
Mangana Tebogo
Manganyi Victor 26.12.76
Mangcotywa Julius

Miner, Worker, Marikana Casuality

16 August 2012
Mangcu Adeline
Mangean Phillip
Mangena Alfred

Lawyer and Political leader.

circa 1879 1924
Mangena Aaron

Member of the SRC at University of Zululand, member of SASO, National Organiser BPC, President of AZAPO, Chairperson of the BCMA, former Deputy Minister of Education and Minister of Science and Technol

Mangena Jeffrey 1952 29 September 1989
Mangena Anna

First Black qualified nurse in the Transvaal.

circa 1885/1895 1961
Mangena Oshadi

Nurse, lecturer, consultant in development studies, National President of the YWCA of South Africa, Regional Director of the Christian Institute of Southern Africa, political prisoner, banned person and exile

12-June-1931 24-September-2015
Mangesi Nikelo
Mangla Isaia 21-March-1960
Mangope Lucas

President of Bophuthatswana and Chief Councilor.

Mangope Simon

Banned person

Mangope Lucas

resident of Bophuthatswana and Chief Councilor.

23 December 1923
Manim Mannie

Producer, director and lighting designer, awarded the Order of Ikhamanga in Silver for his excellent skills in theatre lighting design and administration, and his practical and technical contribution to theatre in South Africa and the field of art.

Manisi Alias Mansi Mparolo
Mankankele Mimi
Mankay Hendrik
Mankayi Benjamin 23.8.76
Mankayi Stukuna
Mankayi Lungile
Mann Nessie

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) and the NUDW.

Manoim Irwin

Editor and Journalist 

Manona Monde
Manong Philly
Manqina Douglas 10 June 1927
Manqina Douglas
Mantashe Gwede

Trade unionist, General Secretary National Union of Mine Workers (NUM), Chairman of the SACP and ANC Secretary General.

Mantente Headman
Manthata Thomas 29-November-1939
Mantshani Acting
Mantsoe Matela

banished person

Mantsoe Mantela
Mantyi Krenya
Manual Kobera 25-June-1918 27-July-2016
Manuel Trevor

Minister in the Presidency: National Planning Commission of the Republic of South Africa since 11 May 2009 and Member of National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC since 1991.

Manyoni Bhekisani

Visual Artist

6 September 1945
Manyube Tandekile
Manzezulu Sheila
Manzi Gladys
Manzini Christinah
Manzini Xoliswa
Mapamela Voxwana 1941 21 March 1962
Mapanga Bekizwe
Mapapu Mncedisi
Mapekula Vulindlela
Mapelo Joseph
Maphalala S. 27.8.76
Maphalala Mowa
Maphalala Magwaza

Labour activist, member of the ANC, SACP and SCATU, Member of Parliament

6 April 1948 5 February 2003
Maphanga Russel
Maphaqo Mahluko
Mapheti Leeuw
Maphika David 21-March-1960
Maphiki David 21-March-1960
Maphosa Absalom
Maphotho Isaac

Member of ANC and MK, Chief Logistics Officer for the Luthuli Detachment and Member of the Limpopo Legislature

26-February-1931 13th July 2019
Maphumula Shadrack
Maphumulo Mhlabunzima

Chief of the Maphumulo tribe and first President of Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (CONTRALESA)

6 September 1949 25 February 1991
Maphumulo Dinzy 24 March 1991
Maphumulo Mhlabunzima

Chief of the Maphumulo tribe and first President of Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (CONTRALESA)

06-September-1949 25-February-1991
Maphumulo Msizeni
Maphumulo Reginald
Mapikela Thomas

Political Activist and founder member of the ANC.

12-November-1869 1945
Mapitse Andrew
Mapogoshe S 21-March-1960
Mapongawana Nomsa 18 October 1990
Maponya Selbourne
Maponya Matome


14 May 1949 9 August 2004
Maponya Odirile 11-November-1988
Mapua Ronald
Mapua Tiro
Mapula Ronald 01-December-1988
Mapumolo Matthews 11-December-1986
Maqadeni Lushozi 1931 5 September 1961
Maqamtsholo Mkotnana
Maqana Patric
Maqaza Kikiki
Maqekeza Mazizi 22 March 1988
Maqhekeza Ngubekhaya
Maqhubela Louis Khela 1939
Maqina Rev. Mzwandile 02-October1937
Maqolo Beauty
Maqubela Mdandalaza
Maqungo Joshua
Maqungu Bellington
Maqwasha Solomon 05-December-1986
Marais Stephen

Once an unrehabilitated terrorist,now an administrator.

Marais Stephen
Marais Eugene

Author and poet

9 January 1871 29-March-1936
Maranjana Stanley
Marawa Keke
Marawa Keke
Marayi Lepota
Marcus Mollie

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) and the African National Congress (ANC)

Marcus Nathan

A bookeeper and a member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) and the African National Congress (ANC)

Marcus Gill

Member of the African National Congress, business woman, Governor of the Reserve Bank.

Marcus Solomon
Maredi Kgagudi
Maredi Lot

Banished person.

Marelane Ndovela 1913 6 July 1962
Mareletse Ezekiel 21-March-1960
Marera Thabo

Film Director

18 September 1972 19 September 2009
Marie Passtoors
Marie Lutchmee

Community activist, member of the Ratepayers’ Association of Merebank, participated in protests and demonstrations. 

Marie Baptiste
Marimuthu Marimuthu
Marinovich Leoni


Marinovich Greg


Marius Meldnor
Mark Shinners
Marks John

Teacher, political activist,  trade unionist, banned person, political prisoner, exile, President of the Transvaal Branch of the African National Congress, one of the leaders of the 1952 Defiance Campaign, co-conspirator in the Rivonia Trial, Pres

21 March 1903 1 August 1972
Marks Joseph

Political activist, member of ANC, MK, UDF and SACP, Democratic Party Member of Parliament, Vice President of UDF

22-April-1936 26-November-2011
Marks John

 teacher, political activist,  trade unionist, banned person, political prisoner, exile, President of the Transvaal Branch of the African National Congress, one of the leaders of the 1952 Defiance Campaign, co-conspirator in the Rivonia Trial, Pres

21-March-1903 01-August-1972
Marks Norman
Marks John
Marks Sammy

An entrepreneur.

1843 1920
Marks Joe
Marney Alfred 16.9.76
Marney Cardiff
Maroletsi Ezekiel 21-March-1960
Maroo Oupa
Marooi Molobe
Marquad Leo

A founding member of the Liberal Party of South Africa.

Marquard Leo

Founder member of NUSAS and the Liberal Party, member of the Editorial Board of Reality, founder member of the Institute of Race Relations, Author and Historian. 

15 June 1897 27 March 1974
Marriott Francis Pickford 1876 1935
Marsh James
Marsh Derick

A member of the African Resistance Movement (ARM)

Martin Alfred Richard 1874 1939
Martin Frank April 1986
Martin Mvula
Martins Dikobe

Artist, Poet and activist, member of the African National Congress (ANC); the South African Communist Party (SACP) and a Member of Parliament since 1994

2 September 1956
Martins Helen


23-December-1897 08-August-1976
Martins Benedict
Martshwe Mokoape
Marule Simon 1930 23-December-1986
Marume Ndiko 04-November-1987
Marume Mokulle
Marumsha Andile 05-September-1986
Maruping Manong
Marutanyane Kgagudi

Banished person.

Marwanqana Alfred
Marwanqana Mzukisi
Marwebu Bomvane
Mary Thipe Mary Thipe Human rights activist, anti-apartheid activist, member of the ANC, the ANCWL and MK, involved in 1956 Women’s March, 1959 Potato Boycott, 1960 Cato Manor Beer Hall March, political prisoner, banned person, recipient of the Government’s National Order for advancing democracy in the country 1917 2000
Masabalala Samuel

Trade unionist

06-December-1877 Unknown
Masabalala Mackay
Masala Mcdonald
Masango Frans "Ting Ting"

MK soldier, one of the accused in the  "Delmas Four" case, news reader, news writer, member of the National Assembly.

1958 18-September-2009
Masango Mthandazo
Masango James 11-November-1983
Masayidini Galeni
Mase Evelyn

Nurse, Entrepreneur, Nelson Mandela’s first wife

18 May 1922 30 April 2004
Mase Caleb
Masekela Barbara

Teacher, poet, head the ANC's Department of Arts and Culture, ANC's NEC member, executive director for public and corporate affairs for De Beer Consolidated Mines, trustee of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and the Nelson Mandela Foundati

Masekela Hugh

Celebrated musician, singer, composer and trumpet player

4 April 1939 23 January 2018
Masekela Thomas Selema 16 December 1908
Maseko Joseph Ramapulane

A self-taught artist with little formal schooling, Maseko began painting in 1959.

26 December 1936 May 2008
Maseko Isaiah

Chairman of the Orlando Branch (ANC) during the 1952 Defiance Campaign, ANC national executive committee, President of the Swaziland National Union of South Africa, Deputy-president of the Swaziland Progressive Party and m

Maseko Mizream

SA painter and Zion Christian Church Deacon

10 June 1927 1994
Maseko Jonas 11-November-1986
Maseko Samson 11-November-1984
Maseko Ezekiel 11-November-1986
Maseko James
Maseko Don
Maseko Freddy
Maseko Isaac
Maseko Scelo
Maseko Bheki
Maseko Phillip 11-November-1983
Maseku Abraham
Maselo Simon 21-March-1960
Maselo Elias 21-March-1960
Masemi James
Masemola Balelekeng Sam

Member of the ANC. Active in anti-pass campaign

Masemola Kgalabi

Teacher, member of the ANCYL, member of the Pan Africanist Congress, and political prisoner. 

12-December-1931 17-April-1990
Masemola Sam
Masemola Sandy
Masenoli Teboho
Masenya Grace 26.12.76
Maserole Peter
Maseti Nkosincinci 1930 26 September 1967
Maseti Cyril
Maseti Jackson
Maseti Jackson
Masetlha Lesedi

founder member of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) and the Azanian Student's Organisation, Member of the ANC’S NEC, former Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency

Masetlha Billy

founder member of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) and the Azanian Student's Organisation, Member of the ANC’S NEC, former Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency

21 November 1954
Mashaba Johannes 26.12.76
Mashaba Bertha
Mashaba Tshintsheng
Mashaba Tukuza
Mashaba July

ANC member

Mashabane Jacob 05-October-1976
Mashatile Paul

Member of COSAS, Co-founder of AYCO, UDF in the Transvaal and presently Minister of Arts and Culture in South Africa.

21 October 1961
Mashaya Solomon
Mashego Flag
Mashekile Beleni
Mashiane F.B. 26.8.76
Mashibini Philemon

ANC member. Was active in the Defiance Campaign of 1952

Mashigo Anice
Mashika King
Mashile Sekgopela

Member of the Lebowa Legislative Assemblyand banished person.

Mashile Matsiketsane

Member of the ANC and SACTU, Bishop in the Bantu Apostolic Faith Mission Church, faith healer, member of the Lebowa Legislative Assembly, political detaineeand banished person.

Mashile Laynas
Mashini Duncan
Mashinini Emma

Trade Unionist

21-August-1929 10-July-2017
Mashinini Teboho 27 January 1957 1990
Mashinini Saul Sibusiso October 1990
Mashinini Morris 26.12.76
Mashinini Teboho

Student leader,in the Soweto student uprising of 16 June 1976

27-January-1957 05-July-1990
Mashinini Paul
Mashinini (née Boto) Nomkhitha 09-May-1935 25-September-2008
Mashishi Klaas
Mashlasela Otto
Mashmaite Matswene
Mashobane Derrick
Mashoke Benedict 26-March-1987
Mashombo Ben 26.12.76
Masigo Isaac 1937 19 November 1965
Masilela Aby 26.12.76
Masilela Ntongela Scholar, author, literary historian 9 December 1948 6 July 2020
Masilela Grace
Masilela Mbani 1984
Masilela (nee Kekana) Rebecca

Provided a safe house for exiled South Africans living in Swaziland (now Eswatini), recipient of the Government’s National Order of Luthuli

12 December 1928 30 September 2007
Masilo Ellias 21-March-1960
Masilo Simon 21-March-1960
Masilo Boas 26.12.76
Masilo E.N. 24.8.76
Masimango Bernard 26.12.76
Masimini Reubin
Masinga Philemon

International soccer player and former SA team member of Cosmos and Mamelodi Sundowns

28 June 1969 12 January 2019
Masinga David 16.6.76
Masinga Mluleki 1962 9 July 1986
Masinga Vusumuzi
Masinga Jack

Member of BCM, PAC and Robben Island prisoner.

3 January 1956
Masipa Barry
Masiza Allison
Masoje Johannes
Mason Judith

Judith Mason was a prominent South African visual artist. 

10 October 1938 29 December 2016
Mason Penelope
Masondo Andrew

Political activist and MK Commissar,  Robben Island prisoner. Later in life he played a key role in the formation of the new SA National Defence Force.

27-October-1936 20-April-2008
Masondo Nkosiyakhe 21-April-1953
Masondo Cecilia
Masondo Jacob
Masondo Andrew
Massina Leslie

Secretary of the Transvaal Council of Non-European Trade Unions, Deputy volunteer-in-chief for the Transvaal in the 1952 Defiance Campaign, Treasurer of the Transvaal ANC, first general secretary of the South African Congress of Trade Unions,

29-May-1921 17-April-1976
Masuiga David 16.6.76
Masuka Dorothy

Musician and Singer, exiled person

03-September-1935 23 February 2019
Masuku Esther 12 March 1986
Masuku Sibusiso
Masuku Muzikayise
Masunyane Anthony 07-November-1984
Masupha Rocky
Maswanganye Simon 23 May 1990
Maswanganyi Johannes


Matabane Phillip 11-Novemeber-1987
Matabane Modise 11-November-1987
Matabata Setswiki

Banished person

Matakane Zukile 07/10/86
Matake Samuel
Matalana Ncegwana
Matalasi Sifundile Suicide by strangulation
Matalazi Sifundile 20-December-1980
Matanjana Patrick

Member of the ANC’s armed wing (MK), imprisoned on Robben Island.

1943 2008
Matanzima Kaiser

Leader of the former homeland of Transkei between 1963-1985, Eastern Cape

15-June-1915 15-June-2003
Matanzima Headman
Matanzima Headman
Mataties Maynard
Mate Alois

banished person

Matela Walter
Mateman Don
Mathaba William
Mathaba William
Mathambo Douglas
Mathbanthe Petrus
Mathe Joseph 1 July 1991
Mathebe Fawcett 19 November 1990
Mathebula Rexon 15 April 1926
Mathebula Rosina
Mathebule Aron
Mathee Thinus


Mathew Mkwanazi
Mathews William
Matheywa Neyinu
Mathibe Mabe
Mathibe Justinus
Mathibela Mbembi
Mathiso Themba
Mathole Philemon

Organiser for the African Mineworkers' Union. Participated in the Defiance Campaign of 1952. Elected secretary of the Transvaal ANC,  served on the national executive committee of the ANC, accused in the Treason Trial, from 1956 to 1961.

Mathole Soka
Mathosa Lebo

Singer and Actress

17-July-1977 23-October-2006
Mathunjwa Joseph

mine worker, President of the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU)

26 May 1965
Mati Johnson
Mati Thembelakhe

Miner, Worker, Marikana Casuality

13 August 2012
Mati Johnson
Mati Joseph
Mati Winard
Mati W

Member of the  African National Congress, imprisoned during the 1952 Defiance Campaign 

Mati Joseph

Member of the ANC, ANCYL and MK, political prisoner and secretary of the UDF’s Border region.

Matikana Khayalabo
Matikinca Elic
Matima Thuluso 11-November-1982
Matime Radichaba
Matimela Lazarus 31.12.76
Matini Ntintiza
Matinkinca Vanele 1928 14 October 1963
Matiwane Mduduzi
Matji Robert 22 August 1922 27 April 1998
Matji Robert

Member of the African National Congress (ANC). One of the chief organizers of the 1952 Defiance Campaign in Port Elizabeth, Provincial Secretary of the Cape Congress in 1952 Joined the Basutoland Congress Party, later left the BCP a

25- August-1922 27-April-1998
Matjili Jackie 01 May 1991
Matlaku Martha
Matlaku Ishmael
Matlala Mme Makwena

banished person

Matlala Sebitji

Banished person

June 1960
Matlala Jacob "Baby Jake"

Four-time world flyweight boxing champion.

1962 7 December 2013
Matlala Klaas

Banished person

Matlala Phuti

banished person

Matlala Maema

banished person

Matlala Johannes

banished person

Matlala Tlou

Banished person

Matlala Michael

Banished person

Matlala George
Matlala Jacob
Matlala Mabija
Matlala Sibiya
Matlala Kwena

Banished person

Matlejwang Modulo 11/11/67
Matlhaku Samuel 26.6.76
Matli Tumisang 11-November-1986
Matlou Jonas 02-June-1920 1991
Matlou Johnny
Matlou (née Phiri) Violet

Nursing sister, woman activist, for her outstanding contribution to the struggle for liberation and for the ideals of a just, non-racist and democratic South Africa was awarded the Order of Luthuli in Bronze.

04-April-1920 20-October-2017
Matome Mackenzie 26.12.76
Matome Jacob

Banished person

Matome Patrick
Matomela Florence

Teacher, anti-pass activist, and civil rights campaigner. Cape provincial organiser of the African National Congress Women's League and vice-president of the Federation of South African Women defendant in the 1956 Treason Trial

01-January-1910 1969
Matomela Patrick
Matroos Vuyisile 06-September-1984
Matros Nkosemtu
Matsabu Abel 26.12.76
Matsapola E. 26.12.76
Matseke Simon

Driver for the Boer commandos during the South African War, court interpreter, member of the Pretoria Location Advisory Board, served on the National Executive of the ANC,  member of the Transvaal African Congress and African Mineworkers Union (AMWU)

1878 13-December-1941
Matsemela Matsobane

MK member, for his contribution to the struggle against apartheid and standing for the ideals of a free, just and democratic South Africa was awarded the Order of Luthuli in Silver.  

Matsemela Morris
Matsepane Alex 1986/12/05
Matsepane Alex 1963