Women Biographies

Zubeida “Juby” Mayet

Zubeida “Juby” Mayet was born in 1937 in Fietas, Johannesburg, Transvaal (now Gauteng).

Jessie Yasmin Duarte

Jessie Yasmin Duarte was born on 19 September in 1953, one of nine siblings in Newclare, Johannesburg, Transvaal (now

Vicky Sampson

Vicky Sampson was born in 1969, to Faye and Victor Sampson.

Evelyn Ntoko Mase

Little is available in the public to construct a thorough biography of Evelyn Ntoko Mase before and after her relatio

Jennifer Schreiner

Jennifer Schreiner (known as Jenny) was born in Johannesburg, Transvaal (now Gauteng) in 1956 to G.D.L.

Anne-Marie Wolpe

Ann-Marie Wolpe was born in Johannesburg on 1st of December 1930 in Johannesburg, Transvaal (now Gauteng), South Afri

Hannah Margaret Stanton

Hannah Margaret Stanton was born on 30 November 1913, Teddington, Middlesex, England.

Navanethem (Navi) Pillay

Navanethem (Navi) Pillay was born on 23 September 1941 in Clairwood, Durban, Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal).

Dora Nginza

Sister Dora Nginza was affectionately known as the “Mother of New Brighton” as a result of her commitment to helping

Zondeni Veronica Sobukwe

Zondeni Veronica Sobukwe was born on 27 of July 1927 in Hlobane, Natal (now Kwazulu-Natal), South Africa.

Esmé Berman

Esmé Berman, a Jewish South African art historian, author and researcher, was born in 1929.

Njinga Ana de Sousa

The history of Queen Njinga (or Nzinga) of Ndongo/Matamba is contested.