A history of Apartheid in South Africa Collection

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“Culture flows like water. It isn’t something that can just be cut off.” – Paul Simon Introduction In 2012 Paul Simon went to South Africa to perform a concert in celebration of the 25th...
Author: Kaitlin Bedard
Publication date: 2018
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On the advice of the State Librarian one fine day in the 1970s, a truck transported thousands of books and magazines from Pretoria’s Central Police Station to a dark hall at the Iscor state steel...
Publication date: 24 October 2018
Archive Type: Articles
"Apartheid - the Indictment" One of the biggest failures of any group of people this century has been the failure of the ruling white minority in South Africa to discard policies which have nothing...
Publication date: 1 April 1964, London
Archive Type: Speeches and Public Statements
These notifications were handed to property owners to inform them of their pending forced removals from their homes during Apartheid.
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Author: Samuel Willard Crompton
Publication date: 2007
Archive Type: Online book
ISBN: 0-7910-8997-5
Publisher: Chelsea House Publishers Infobase Publishing

Author: Michael Dingake
Publication date: 1987
Archive Type: Online book
ISBN: 0 904759 82 2
Publisher: Kliptown Books Ltd