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It was early in the October 1977 morning that they came. Ironically, they came on the morning of the Hindu festival of lights called Diwali, celebrating justice over injustice, light over darkness...
Author: Prithiraj Dullay
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Publication date: 1975-01-00
Archive Type: Journal
Publisher: Black Community Programmes
At a unique occasion in January 1971 the leaders of diametrically opposed student organisations met for a week in the first research worshop of the Abe Bailey Institute of Interracial Studies at the...
Archive Type: Book chapter
Publisher: David Phillip

"Communique" by SASO, July 1969 For the first time after 1959, Non-White student leaders met at Stutterheim in July 1968. A need for contact, especially among the University Colleges, was...
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