History of Labour Movements in South Africa Collection

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The Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union (HARWU) was a South African trade union whose short but intense history was shaped by many forces, both in the general context of the political struggle to end...
Author: Allan Horwitz
Publication date: June 2018
Archive Type: Articles
New introduction to thesis 2019 by David Hemson Hemson, David (1979) Class consciousness and migrant workers: dock workers of Durban. PhD thesis, University of Warwick. This thesis is the product...
Author: David Hemson
Publication date: August 1979
Archive Type: Theses and Dissertations
Author: Wiebke Keim
Publication date: 2015
Archive Type: Online book
Publisher: éditions des archives contemporaines
Author: Norman Daniels
Publication date: November 2009
Archive Type: Online book
Publisher: Worker History Project
The history of four years of the revolutionary multi-racial union in South Africa, the Industrial Workers of Africa, and the labour movement at the time. "Fight for Africa, which you deserve"...
Author: Bikisha Media Collective
Archive Type: Articles
When we celebrate May Day we seldom know or reflect on why it is a holiday in South Africa and in many parts of the world. Sian Byrne, Warren McGregor and Lucien van der Walt tell the story of...
Author: Red Jack
Archive Type: Book chapter
Excerpt "During 1973 the National party has been faced with increasing manifestations of black dissatisfaction and anger. The Black Conciousness movement appears to be gaining strength, despite the...
Publication date: 1974-01-01
Archive Type: Book chapter
Publisher: South African Institute Of Race Relations
Alfred Temba Qabula was born on December 12, 1942 in Flagstaff, Transkei. His father. a migrant worker, ‘coughed out’ the harshness of his life onto his children. He died after...
Author: Alfred Temba Qabula
Publication date: 1989
Archive Type: Book chapter | Online book
This publication from 1974 has been uploaded in six parts and are all avaliable for download as well. Scroll down to read the book.
Publication date: 1974
Archive Type: Book chapter

Publication date: 25 January 2012
Archive Type: Theses and Dissertations

Publication date: June 1975
Archive Type: Book chapter | Official or Original Documents
Publisher: The institute for Industrial Education

Publication date: 2007
Archive Type: Theses and Dissertations
Description: <p>Master of Arts University of the Witwatersrand&nbsp;</p>

Publication date: 09/03/1964
Archive Type: Official or Original Documents

The Leadership of Cosatu, the ANC, and SANCO, Comrades and friends This Workers Day takes place in the year when we celebrate sixty years since the adoption of the Freedom Charter, sixty years...
Publication date: 1 May 2015
Archive Type: Speeches and Public Statements

Archive Type: Book chapter | Articles
Description: <p>Hemson, D., Legassick, M., and Ulrich, N., &lsquo;<em>White Activists in the Revival of the Worker&rsquo;s Movement&rsquo;</em> in The Road to Democracy in South Africa, Volume 2, 1970-1980, (Pretoria &ndash;UNISA)&nbsp;</p>

Publication date: 1986
Archive Type: Book chapter | Articles
Description: <p>SUNY Press, 1986</p>