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Who will listen to this feisty little woman with the grey ponytail and caftan?  Greg Arde spoke to Fatima Meer, once a shining light in the fight against apartheid, now a thorn in the side of...
Author: Greg Ardé
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Author: Dasarath Chetty
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Winnie Mandela and Fatima Meer were in prison together and became close friends. Winnie wrote an introduction to the book "Fatima Meer: Memories of Struggle," edited by Fatima's daughter Shamim,...
Author: E. S. Reddy
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Passive Resistance 1946 - A Selection of Documents, is a record of the second resistance movements waged by Indians in the country; the first was waged by Gandhi at the beginning of the century. The...
Author: E.S. Reddy & Fatima Meer
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Every time I land at Durban Airport, I am haunted by the memory of Fatima Meer – my dearest friend, sister and adviser whom I worshipped and treasured like my own possession. I have agonised...
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Publications Some of these publications were published under alias names because Meer she was banned from being published. Portrait of Indian South Africans; Apprenticeship of a Mahatma (...

From the book: Passive Resistance 1946 - A Selection of Documents compiled by E.S. Reddy & Fatima Meer 1947 Kajee accused of betrayal at NIC mass meeting Allegations that Mr. Kajee had...
Publication date: 1947
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INTRODUCTION No significant change has occurred in South Africa in the last decade. Apartheid and racism continue their tyranny and the South African society is as far away from equality, peace and...

The following article was written just before the Emergency, having been commissioned by the Editor to commemorate one hundred years of Indian settlement in South Africa. The large number of Indians...
Author: Fatima Meer
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Author: E. S. Reddy
Publication date: 1991
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Publisher: Madiba Publishers