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The 6th September 2016 was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of National Party Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd on the floor of the House of Assembly in Parliament, Cape Town. In his...
Author: Hendrik Verwoerd
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I AM DIRECTED by the All-In African National Action Council to address your Government in the following terms: The All-In African National Action Council was established in terms of a resolution...
Publication date: <em>20 April 1961</em>

The enforced withdrawal of South Africa from the Commonwealth is a resounding victory for our people, and marks an historic step forward in our struggle against apartheid and for democratic rights....
Publication date: MARCH 1961
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No doves for you. Verwoerd, The doves won't fly There's only blood In the African sky A twist of bones And a smell of death. Blood in the dust Of the wild wind's breath. In the compounds of...
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I REFER YOU TO MY LETTER of 20 April 1961, to which you do not have the courtesy to reply or acknowledge receipt. In the letter referred to above I informed you of the resolutions passed by the All-...
Publication date: 26 June 1961
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