6 February 1994
In a telephonic interview Brigadier Gabriel Ramushwana of the National Peacekeeping Force (NPKF), says that the way things were going, the NPKF would probably not be ready to keep peace during the elections in April. However, he refused to give the nature of the problems that the special force was faced with. In spite of the fact that nothing official was said, a report carried by the Sunday Times stated that the force was in shambles: full of drunkenness, lack of discipline, and desertion. Defence Minister Kobie Coetsee said he was confident his troops would be able to handle any situation during the election period. It's not a matter of despair or desperation, Coetsee told a news conference in Harare, where he was attending security talks. I maintain that we have the manpower... to contain any situation that might occur during the elections. Coetsee also believed that Ramushwana was faced with an immense challenge, but would be ready in time for the elections. He blamed some elements that were not used to the idea of having various forces training together or being amalgamated. The peacekeeping force was set up two weeks previously with troops from the White-led South African Defence Force (SADF), the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC), which fought the White government for thirty years, and armies of three Black homelands. It was originally due to complete its training by the end of March and go into the townships to quell political violence before South Africa's first all-race elections. Major-General Bantu Holomisa, ruler of the Transkei Black homeland, said Ramushwana's admission meant South Africa had no option but to call in international peacekeepers.  References: South African Government,(1999), FORMER VENDA BRIGADIER AND THREE COLLEAGUES REAPPEAR BEFORE TRC, from the South African government information, 24 June, [online], available at: www.info.gov.za  [accessed 2 August 2011] Press Briefings, (1994),The NPKF wont be ready to keep peace during elections at the end of April says Ramushwana from the report on the Transitional Executive Council, available at   http://www.e-tools.co.za   [accessed 8 February