1 December 1986
The medical practitioner and political activist, Dr Fabian Defu Ribeiro, and his wife, a teacher turned businesswoman, Florence Barbara Ribeiro, were finally gunned down in their own courtyard on 1 December, 1986, after several attempts on their lives. It only emerged at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) hearing in 1997 that they were assassinated by Apartheid state agents, when six policemen (AJM Joubert, PJ Verster, C Naude, N Robey, JJH van Jaarsveld and C Vlietstra) applied for amnesty in connection with their murder. The TRC Amnesty Committee granted amnesty to the perpetrators in 1999. Former Vlakplaas commander Jan Cronje was also granted amnesty for the role he played in the planning of the murder.

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