Mpho Mathibela, one of the Siamese twins separated in an operation six months earlier, leaves hospital for the first time


Mpho and Mphonyana before the operationMpho and Mphonyana before the operation. Source:

Wednesday, 9 November 1988

Mpho and Mphonyana Mathibela made headlines when they were born conjoined at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital on 7 December 1986.The twin girls were joined at the head and a decision was made for them to be separated. They were separated in 1988. Mpho proved to be the stronger twin after the surgery, which led to her having to leave her weaker sister, Mphonyana, behind.

Having been more afflicted after the surgery than her sister, Mphonyana died of pneumonia a year after they were separated. Mpho, now in her 20’s, is a healthy and happy young woman. However, she still wishes her sister had lived so they could have grown up together.  


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