Mxenge murder accused Dirk Coetzee found guilty


Dirk Coetzee

Thursday, 15 May 1997

Judge Pieter Combrinck finds Dirk Coetzee, Apartheid policeman and Vlakplaas assassination squad Commander together with Almond Nofomela and David Tshikakalanga guilty of murdering human rights lawyer and UDF activist Griffiths Mxenge.

Mxenge was murdered in 1981 and his mutilated body was found near Umlazi Stadium outside Durban. His wife, Victoria Mxenge, was assassinated in 1985 outside her home in Umlazi.

In 1990, Dirk Coetzee and his Security Police 'hit squad' was investigated by a Commission of Inquiry ordered by President F.W. de Klerk. The Commission led by Judge Louis Harms heard testimonies from Coetzee and others. Coetzee related how he watched a colleague murder Mxenge.  In 1996, Coetzee had to appear again, this time before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


• Naki, E. (1997). 'Mxenge family promised justice', in Dispatch Online 15 September

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