A new right-wing group Aksie Eie Toekoms (Action for our Own Future) (AET) is founded in Pretoria.


The Conservative Party Logo

Saturday, 14 February 1981

Aksie Eie Toekoms was an extreme right wing political group. It was founded by Afrikaner academics Professors Willie Lubbe and Alkmaar Swart. Lubbe stated that he and other Afrikaners were disenchanted with then ruling National Party (NP) and its leaning towards desegregation. Lubbe and his peers, inspired by the father ofAapartheid, H.F. Verwoed, advocated for a White Afrikaner State and segregation.

Lubbe is on record saying that desegregation and harmony between races would mean White people would have to share with other races that which is their own. He also felt that segregation was the only way to ensure that Afrikaners survived. The group later became part of the Conservative Party (CP).

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