old Indian flower seller is fined for trading in a racially restricted area



Thursday, 1 January 1970

A 17 year-old Indian flower seller was fined R24 or 60 days in prison for breaking the municipal by-laws. The young man was charged on 29 counts for resisting moving after every 20 minutes, failing to keep his goods in a vehicle and for trading in a restricted area in Rosebank.

Although he was facing 29 charges, the young man was only found guilty on 12 counts and not guilty on 17. Too many wayward laws were passed in South Africa by the apartheid government, including Group Areas Act, Immorality Act, Pass Laws and many others. Under the provisions of the Group Areas Act, urban and rural areas in South Africa were divided into zones in which members of only one racial group could live. All others were to move to their designated areas.

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Last updated : 18-Dec-2014

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