Peter Clarence van Riet Lowe, archaeologist and civil engineer who built 109 bridges in SA, is born in Aliwal North, CC.


Clarence van Riet Lowe and Robert Broom, 1938. Source:

Sunday, 4 November 1894

Clarence van Riet Lowe was born on 4 November 1894 in Aliwal North, Eastern Cape. A civil engineer by profession, Clarence was in charge of construction of over a hundred bridges in South Africa. It was during the construction of the bridges that he discovered over 300 prehistoric sites. This led to a change of career from civil engineering to archeology for Lowe.

By 1935, Lowe was well known both locally and abroad as a leading archeologist. He was honored greatly for his service to the discipline. He died on in 1956 in Knysna.

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