30 April 1982
President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia met the Prime Minister, P.W. Botha, in a mobile home that had been set down in the middle of the African bush across South Africa's border with Botswana to discuss the political situation in South-West Africa (Namibia) and South Africa. This was the first meeting between any leader of a Front Line State and a South African premier since the Victoria Falls meeting between Prime Minister B.J. Vorster and Kaunda on 25-26 August 1976. The two leaders were together for nearly four hours and parted amicably after approving a communique of only four sentences. The statement gave not even the slightest hint that they had agreed on any point in a wide-ranging discussion that was said to have focused on the issues of South-West Africa and South Africa itself. Nor did it suggest that the meeting might have practical results. Kaunda was yet again criticised in the African press for meeting with representatives of the Apartheid regime. Sources http://africanhistory.about.com/library/thisday/bl-ThisDay0430.htm