31 March 1991
Donald "Dolan" Acheson is purported to have been deported from South Africa on the 31 March 1991, having being fingered as the triggerman in the assassination of Namibian lawyer Anton Lubowski. Acheson was an Irish hit man, purportedly part of a covert South African military organization known as the Civil Cooperation Bureau (CCB). On 12 September 1989, Acheson allegedly gunned Lubowski down outside his house in Windhoek. Neighbours claimed that they first thought the shots were fireworks. Acheson, who had previously served with the Rhodesian Army, was connected to the killing through the car he rented for the operation. When Acheson was arrested in Windhoek, police found a piece of paper with numbers that led them to his handlers. Despite overwhelming evidence against him, Acheson was released after eight months in detention. No attempt was ever made to extradite Acheson to Namibia to stand trial and in 1991 Acheson was deported to Ireland as an undesirable alien. Acheson dropped out of the public eye after his arrival in Ireland and his fate remains unknown.  Note: *this date is dispute as one source claims it was in April 1991.

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