The UN lifts mandatory sanctions against SA


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Friday, 8 October 1993

General Assembly of the United Nations requested States to terminate prohibition or restriction on economic relations with South Africa immediately, and to terminate the oil embargo against South Africa when the Transitional Executive Council in South Africa became operational. A resolution calling for economic and diplomatic sanctions against SA was passed in 1962 and in 1963 the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution calling for an arms embargo. In 1965 the General Assembly passed a motion calling for mandatory sanctions against SA and in 1974 South Africa was suspended from the UN General Assembly.


This move ended years of conflict between the UN and the South African government, during which SA's credentials were sometimes not accepted and efforts were made to expel SA from the Organisation. The conflict centred on SA's contested mandate in South West Africa (now Namibia) and the UN's struggle against apartheid.





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