UN names four experts to investigate apartheid in South Africa


United Nations Representatives

Monday, 13 January 1964

On 13 January 1964, the United Nations Secretary-General named a team of four experts to investigate apartheid in South Africa. They were: Sir Edward Asafu-Adjaye (Ghana), Josip Djerdja (Yugoslavia), Sir Hugh Foot (United Kingdom) and Alva Myrdal from Sweden.

This followed a resolution taken by the UN Security Council on 4 December 1963. The Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution which called on South Africa to cease the continued imposition of discriminatory and repressive measures,  called on South Africa to release all persons imprisoned, interned, or subjected to other restrictions for opposing apartheid. The Security Council also called upon all member-states to refrain from supplying South Africa with arms, ammunition, military vehicles and materials that may be used to manufacture or maintain armaments for the enforcement of apartheid.

The resolution also asked the Secretary-General to establish a group of recognised experts to examine methods of resolving the situation in South Africa through peaceful means, and possible ways for the restoration and application of human rights and fundamental freedoms to all, regardless of race, colour or creed.

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