20 November 1988
The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) passed resolutions condemning South Africa's relations with its Southern African neighbours. The UN General Assembly re-affirmed the legitimacy of the region's struggle against apartheid and the legitimacy of armed resistance. The UN General Assembly condemned the armed incursions by SA into neighbouring states, which resulted in the execution of patriots and the capturing of freedom fighters. The body also demanded the unconditional release of Nelson Mandela, the imprisoned leader of the banned African National Congress (ANC). The UN General Assembly also called for the abolition of apartheid, the unbanning of the ANC, the Pan -Africanist Congress and other banned organisations, and the return of all political exiles. The body also called for strictly monitored system of sanctions against South Africa. A call for enforcement of bans on petroleum sales and direct or indirect investments involving South Africa was also made. Click here to read a chronology on the UN and Apartheid   Source: Fraser, R (1988). Kessing's Volume XXXIV, Longman: London, p. 35923.