Verwoerd’s grandson joins ANC


Verwoerd's Son

Sunday, 23 August 1992

In a historic move, Wilhelm Verwoerd, grandson of former South African Prime Minister, Hendrik Verwoerd, main architect of apartheid, joins the African National Congress. Wilhelm Verwoerd risked being alienated by his family and friends for his decision. He was not even welcome at Stellenbosch, the town he grew up as he was called a traitor of Afrikanerdom and the belief of his grandfather. His wife Melanie Verwoerd was a card-carrying member of the ANC even before he joined the organisation. His main aim of joining was to reconcile with, and embrace the people his grandfather made to suffer because of their political ideologies, while hoping that his contribution within the ANC will be welcomed.

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Last updated : 16-Aug-2013

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