Grade 5 term 2 timeline: The First farmers in Southern Africa

15CE-300 CE

  • The first farmers, Bantu-speakers enter Southern Africa
  • Grain farmers from East and Central Africa move to Southern Africa. The new farmers bring many different skills with them, such as the farming of crops.

250 CE

  • Iron Age farmers make and use their own pots

420 CE

  • Iron Age farmers build small beehive-shaped houses made from grass matting and clay

500 CE

  • Iron Age artwork is first produced in what is now known as the Mpumalanga Province

615 CE

  • Iron Age farmers start toestablish settlements

800 CE

  • Trade networks begin to expand, assisted by the cattle acquisition

1000 CE

  • Iron Age society grows more complex, showing a developing economy, large expansions in livestock ownership, and a high degree of social stratification
  • The society of Mapungubwe is established

1100 CE

  • Nguni speaking people arrive in what is now known as KwaZulu-Natal

1250 CE

  • The society of Thulamela emerges

1280 CE

  • The rate of population expansion begins to slow down as a result of a decline in rainfall
  • the large settlement at Mapungubwe is abandoned