Key terms: The Scramble for Africa - late 19th century

Ashanti Kingdom: a kingdom that was located on present day Ghana which was ruled by an ethnic group called the Akan.

Berlin Conference: a meeting between European nations to discuss rules to divide the African continent for colonization.

Colonialism: the act of taking control of an area or a country that is not your own, especially using force, and sending people from your own country to live there

Expedition: an organized journey with a particular purpose, especially to find out about a place that is not well known

Industrialization: the process of developing industries in a country or an area

New Imperialism: a system in which one country controls other countries, often after defeating them in a war, which is characterized by a desire for expansion.

Raw Materials: a basic material that is used to make a product

Settlement: a place where people have come to live and make their homes, especially where few or no people lived before