Topic requirement as per curriculum

Grade 7: Senior Phase History Term 2

Topic: The Transatlantic slave trade

This content must be integrated with the historical aims and skills and the associated concepts listed in Section 2

Focus: The nature and impact of the slave trade between West Africa and the American South

Content and concepts

West Africa before the European slave trade 

The nature of slavery in West Africa before Europeans

Slavery in the American South

  • Plantations: tobacco, rice, sugar cane and cotton
  • Reasons for using slave labour
  • How slaves were captured, sold and transported from West Africa
  • Slave markets
  • Numbers of slaves that were taken to America
  • What happened to the raw materials that slaves produced

The impact of the transatlantic slave trade on slaves 

  • What it was like to be a plantation slave in the American South
  • Slave culture in songs and stories

Resistance to slavery: inpidual responses, e.g. sluggishness, passivity, indifference, shirking, alcoholism, flight, suicide, arson, murdering owners:

  • Rebellion against slavery Nat Turner’s revolt 1831 
  • Joseph Cinque and the Amistad Mutiny  1839
  • The Underground Railroad (an informal network of secret routes and safe houses used by escaping slaves)
  • Harriet Tubman: slave who escaped to freedom, and helped other slaves to escape
  • The story of John Brown and his mission to abolish slavery

The impact of the transatlantic slave trade on the economies of 

  • West Africa
  • America and Britain
  • Gains for America and Britain and negative impact on West Africa

Revision, assessment (formal and informal) and feedback should be done on an ongoing basis 

  • Learners should read and write for part of every lesson.
  • Evidence of learner’s work, including assessments, should be kept in the learner’s notebook.