Women’s National Coalition

The Women's National Coalition embraces women from across the political, economic, racial, cultural and religious spectrum. The coalition was launched in April 1992 to survey the concerns and needs of women throughout South Africa. It was aimed at ensuring that women participate in the making of the constitution and in the formulation of the Women's Charter that was launched in 1994. The Women's National Coalition now focuses on lobbying (of government), training (for parliamentary and local government candidates and community leaders) and plays a key role in Adult Basic Education and Gender training.

Affiliated organisations

  • African Women's Organisation (PAC)
  • ANC Women's League
  • Anglican Women's Fellowship
  • ATKV-Dames
  • Black Sash
  • Black Housewives League
  • Dames Aktueel
  • Democratic Party
  • Disabled People of South Africa
  • Executive Women's Club
  • Fabcos
  • Five Freedoms Forum
  • Girl Guides Association of South Africa
  • Housewives League of South Africa
  • Idasa
  • Ikageng
  • Inkatha Freedom Party
  • Jong Dames Dinamiek
  • Kontak
  • Methodist Women's Manyano
  • National Assembly of Women of South Africa
  • National Black Women's Consumer Union
  • National Council for the Blind
  • National Council of Women (SA)
  • National Party
  • Planned Parenthood Association
  • National Progressive Primary Health Care
  • Rural Women's Movement
  • SA Black Social Workers' Association
  • SA Council of Churches
  • SA Communist Party
  • SA Democratic Teachers' Union
  • SA Federation of Business and Professional Women
  • SA Association of Independent Schools
  • SA Association of Occupational Therapists
  • SA Association of University Women
  • SA Black Business and Professional Women's Network
  • SA Catholic Bishops Conference
  • SA Student's Congress
  • SA Early Childhood Care
  • Saroptimist International of SA
  • St. John Ambulance
  • The Women's Lobby
  • Union of Democratic University Staff of South Africa
  • Union of Jewish Women of SA Vroue Landbou Unie (Women's Agricultural Union)
  • Women's Legal Status Committee
  • Women for Peace
  • Women for South Africa
  • Women's Bureau of SA
  • Women's Development Banking
  • World Vision of South Africa
  • YWCA of SA (World Affiliated)

Last updated : 20-Jul-2015

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