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Abraham Faure was born on 29 August 1795 in Stellenbosch. Faure was one of the leading personalities of his tune in church and intellec... read more
Jopie Fourie was born in the Pretoria district in 1878. He was a scout and dispatch rider during the South African War, and was wounded... read more
Leo Francois Rbc was born in Chemnitz, Germany, 1870. Francois, a long serving President of the NSA, was a protagonist with SASA in his ques... read more
James Ford was born in Cornwall, England. He is listed as a member in the SASA Exhibition of Pictures catalogue of 1904, but there... read more
Theophilus Dymond Field was born in Tunbridge Wells, England c.1871. He trained at the Brighton School of Art and became proficient in water... read more
Born Ballarat, Australia, 1881; died Johannesburg, 1953. Fern arrived in Johannesburg as a child in 1890, and was taught oil painting by a n... read more
Basil February was born in District Six in 1944. His family moved around several times, living  in places like Elsies River, Saldanha B... read more
Alex Fattal was born in Austin, Texas. He is the first of two children of Laura and Yacov Fattal. Alex moved to Boston Massachusetts where h... read more
Born in 1924 Fuyani was a factory worker. He was the rural organiser of the African National Congress, and prominent in New Brighton, P... read more
A member of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) in East London in the late 1940s and secretary of the Cape Youth League durin... read more
Abram "Bram" Fischer was born on 23 April 1908 in the Orange Free State. He was born into a prominent Afrikaans family, son of Per... read more