In 1899 Emily Hobhouse was appointed secretary of the South African Conciliation Committee, which was a group that opposed the British gover... read more
Barbara Hogan was born on 28 February 1952 and grew up in Benoni. After completing her primary school education, Hogan enrolled and complete... read more
Ellen Hellmann was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on August 25, 1908. She was the daughter of Bernard Kaumheimer, who emigrated to South... read more
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Viola Hashe was born in 1926, in Gabashane in the Orange Free State. Hashe was a teacher by profession. Hashe became involved in the labour... read more
A. B. Xuma's wife, Madie Hall-Xuma and a prestigious figure in middle-class social circles, she headed the African National Congress Women's... read more
Born in 1975 in Cape Town, Nicholas Hlobo grew up in a Xhosa family and attended university at the former Technikon Witwatersrand. Though or... read more
David Hlongwane was born on 1 January 1963 in the Zwelethemba township of Worcester. He studied at Vuyisile High School, without completing... read more
Patrick Holo is the son of Jo Holo, a pianist in the Á¢Â€Â˜Folk QuartetÁ¢'. As a child Holo built toys made out of the resources he found, w... read more
Rosa Hope's The Old Miii was shown on the SASA 35th Annual Exhibition in 1937, and acquired by the SANG, as noted by cri... read more
Dean Hutton is a genderqueer artist living in Johannesburg interested in portraiture as co-authorship; social media as narrative; technology... read more
Hendrik Andries Hanekom was born on 17 June 1893. He was the son of Hendrik Hanekom. Hanekom was educated at Beaufort West where he matricul... read more